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Tuesday Media Transcript: LB Devon Kennard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/30/2016 3:08 pm
LB Devon Kennard

August 30, 2016

Q: Will all the focus on the middle linebacker position, are you flying under the radar, are you good with that?

A: I'm fine with that. I'm just focused on getting better every day and how I can contribute and help the team once the season starts.

Q: What more do you want to see out of the fourth preseason game?

A: We just want to continue to build on what we've been doing and getting better. It's still just preseason, it's early in the process of things and we want to get better every week.

Q: We talk about how there are a lot vanilla plays in the preseason. Obviously you guys have tricks in your pocket that you're not going to put on film. What has worked until this point?

A: Just our cornerstone defenses that we're going to run to some extent every week. I think those are some of the things that we've done and we've done well. If you don't have that, then you don't have anything. So the fact that we've been able to have some success doing what we’ve got to, to make sure we do it week-in and week-out, I think that's a good thing.

Q: What do you think of the performance so far of the young guys you have at safety and corner?

A: I think guys are playing at a high level and I'm excited for their development and continuing on. I think they're going to be huge contributors for us.

Q: You get a unique look at this team’s offense because you go against them at practice every day. What do you think opposing defenses are going to see when they face these guys?

A: They’ve got a lot of explosive players. They’ve got talent all over the field, so I think it's going to be a problem [for opponents] as they continue to gel and figure things out.

Q: Are you seeing a big difference from what they're doing in practice to what's happening in the preseason games?

A: I'm not sure. If you want to ask about offense, you’ve got to talk to the offensive guys.

Q: With a guy like Darian Thompson, how much is it going to hurt him missing a couple of weeks with the shoulder injury?

A: He's a smart guy. He's been out there taking mental notes, so I don't think it's going to affect him a whole lot, but obviously you would rather be out there being able to take those physical reps. As long as he's getting the mental aspect down, staying in shape, I think it'll be a smooth transition whenever he can get back.

Q: You don't have to name names but obviously some of your teammates won't be here in a few days. Have you talked to some of those guys?

A: It's not something we necessarily talk about. For me, this is the worst week of the NFL, it's hard seeing guys go home, good players go home and their dreams be stripped away from them. It's hard to witness and be a part of, and just pray for those guys whenever it happens and maybe some of them will get other opportunities.

Q: It seemed at the end of practice there was a really good cheer. Was it because training camp is over?

A: I think we're just getting closer. You're seeing a group of guys bonding more than we have since I've been here and having a good time together. It was a long practice, and hard, but when you're putting that work in and grinding and pushing each other, I think we're starting to gel as a team more and more.
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