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Friday Media Conference Call: RB Rashad Jennings

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/2/2016 3:03 pm
RB Rashad Jennings

Conference Call, September 2, 2016

Q: We talk a lot about the defense and how much it changed over the course of last year to this year. The offense, on the other hand, you have the same characters from last year. In what ways would you say the offense is different than where it was at this point in time last year?

A: I think our offense, I wouldn't use the word ‘different’, but it's advanced from when we started the system three years ago now, from top to bottom. Guys being able to adjust on the fly, guys knowing how to line up, where to lineup, and all those little details that matter into how a game is played. So I think that is where the biggest difference is from the start to where we are right now, it's just advancement.

Q: You've been around enough in this league to go into this weekend where the final cuts are made. There’s been a lot of emphasis on the competition in your running backs room. As a veteran and a leader in there, do you have to say anything to the guys about what to expect this weekend and what they've given so far? What this weekend represents, what to expect. How is the running back group feeling going into the weekend?

A: Getting to know me, my attitude has never changed since day one. I’ve got the same exact attitude coming in as a rookie, and that knowing I did everything I can to make the team and leaving the rest up for judgement and knowing that God has a plan for me. But as far as communication with my running backs, we motivate each other. We push each other, we want each and every single person in that room to be successful and succeed. We understand, too, the obvious of the game. There are 32 teams, and so every time a player has the opportunity to get on the field, not only are they representing the logo on the side of their helmet, they're representing the name on the back of their jersey and building a resume for themselves. We push each other every single week, and we're excited about who we are going to have in that room. Every single person deserves an opportunity to be in that room. We're going to be excited about who we have moving forward to Dallas, and playing for keeps.

Q: How much have you already turned your attention to Dallas?


Q: What do you know about their quarterback then?

A: I don't play against their quarterback.

Q: Do you know anything about him in general? Obviously you guys are aware that Tony Romo isn't playing and Dak Prescott is going to be their starter. Is that something that guys talk about? Or have you guys not really gotten to that point yet?

A: No, I'm worried about their defense.

Q: Last year’s loss in Dallas in the season opener, how much has that stuck with guys who are going back there this year?

A: I mean, it was the first game last year, it counts twice, and this is the first game of the year. It counts twice. We're going there, just like we did last year. So I think that naturally, it's going to pop in peoples’ mind who was here last year. But this is a new year, it's 2016, it's a fresh start. We're under a different authority, we're going to have a different team. We're just thinking about what we can do this year to go down there and figure out how to get a win.

Q: You mentioned that it's a different authority. Is there any added importance to this game because you want to start Ben McAdoo's tenure off on the right foot?

A: Nope. You can't add any more importance to this to a football game. Otherwise you're disrespecting how important it is anyway. We have to go down there and figure out how to get a win. There is no greater reason than us, being the Giants.

Q: Coach McAdoo said the running back group offers one of the greatest cutdown challenges. There's a chance that you're going to have to say goodbye to somebody who was your teammate last year. How hard is that to do?

A: Well, we never know. That's something that is out of our control. None of the players make the roster. We have specialties in those positions to evaluate. The scheme, the team and who we need per position, how we are going to play on special teams, all those factors. And they are evaluating guys around the league, not just this team, so that's not anything that they ask us our opinion about. Again, this goes back to why we emphasize going out and representing not only the logo, but the name on the back of your jersey for your resume. But as you said, how tough it is for somebody who you've been working with for years at a time. To ever have to say goodbye is always tough. But that's why we never take it for granted. This is not an obligation, this is not a duty, this is a privilege to play and that's why we work so hard, and give it all we have.
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