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Wednesday Media Transcript: S Nat Berhe

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/7/2016 3:36 pm
S Nat Berhe

September 7, 2016

Q: You came in here as a confident guy. You had the injury. Did you think you would have to wait this long to be a starter?

A: I think that life is all about timing, and so I just have to wait my turn. And the time is now.

Q: This team seems more confident in your ability to fill the spot, probably more than they were two weeks ago. Has the past two weeks improved your confidence?

A: Yeah. I mean, it's hard to trust a guy that you haven't really seen play. You haven't seen him play against ones or stuff like that. So getting work against Fitzpatrick and Tom Brady, I think really boded well for me.

Q: Do you think it's ironic that last year you started a few games and got injured, and this year there's an injury and you're back in.

A: That's the game. That's football.

Q: How confident are you that when Darian comes back you will have already played yourself into a role?

A: I'm pretty confident. I'm not going to lose that confidence, no matter what the situations is. I'm going to be ready to play.

Q: This team has used three safeties in a variety of ways and still might. Do you see yourself as a hybrid or in a starting role to be very vital?

A: I'm here to help the team in any way I can, whether it's on special teams, starting on defense, rotating in as a third safety. Anything. I'm going to do it because I'm confident in my abilities.

Q: Your coaches describe you as a 'heat seeking missile'...

A: Absolutely, I don't play the game any other way.
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