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Wednesday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/7/2016 4:14 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr.

September 7, 2016

Q: What are you most excited about or most anticipating about this offense against Dallas on Sunday?

A: Iím just excited to hit the field. It felt like itís been way too long. The offseason, at some point, youíre like, man, itís been way too long and then you get here and itís like it was way too short. Honestly, Iím just ready to get back on the field. Weíre installing some things, going over the game plan, and Iím definitely looking forward to it.

Q: Is it always special playing Dallas?

A: Yes. I grew up a little bit in Texas. My pops, until I came here, was a Cowboys fan. Now heís converted to the right side. Thereís something about playing in that stadium. Itís just an amazing place and youíre playing against a team that I watched growing up. When you think of football, you think of these two teams. Itís just a wonderful matchup.

Q: The last couple of years you guys have gone in at what seems to be a little less than 100 percent in the season opener. It seems like this year you guys have your full complement?

A: You have to hit the ground running. I remember the game last year. Just being right there and coming up short doesnít leave a good taste in your mouth. This is a very good Dallas team that weíre going to go against again, just like every year. Itís definitely a challenge that we have ahead of us. I think everyone is excited about the opportunity and is ready to play football.

Q: What has it been about the opening game for these teams the last few years?

A: Like I said, you just have to hit the ground running. Thereís no warming up or easing into it. The first game is this week and you have to hit it.

Q: Itís real now, you and Victor Cruz. Itís finally going to happen. What do you think about that at this point?

A: Iím just ready to be out there with him. Coming from college, going into the league, I watched a lot of his film. Iíve seen what he can do. Iíve stolen bits and pieces from him whether he knows it or not. Iím excited to have him back, if not more excited. Iím just as excited, I think, for him to be able to get back on the field and do what he loves.

Q: What are your expectations for him? Is it realistic for him to just come right back in and be what he was?

A: In my opinion, yes, but I guess weíll see Sunday. Knocked the rust off, got some preseason games. Heís feeling good. Mentally, when youíre in a good state, the rest will control itself. Just staying as positive as possible. I know heís more than excited. Anxious, nervous, all of those feelings. Iím sure after the first tackle, youíll see 80 again.

Q: How much better of a team are you guys with Victor Cruz and yourself playing together?

A: Weíll have to wait and see. I could tell you this, that and the other and go out and not be that. Itís kind of one of those things where we have to go out and weíll see Sunday.

Q: Two of your least productive games last year were against the Cowboys. Is that something youíre aware of and is there something they did in particular that you thought they were able to have success with?

A: No, it just happened that way. First game last year was in Dallasí stadium and, like I said, we really didnít hit the ground running. It was kind of lackadaisical and we were going through the motions. Make sure this year we hit it and get it right.

Q: What kind of a challenge does Brandon Carr present?

A: Heís a vet. Heís a savvy guy. Very strong. Heís tough to get around. Just like every defense, thereís voids in it and thereís spaces you have to get into. At the end of the day, youíre going to have to beat some man coverage. It should be some good matchups. Mo Claiborne over there, Scandrick coming back, itís going to be a highly anticipated game, Iím excited.

Q: Does Dallas resent that you poster-ized them with your one-handed catch?

A: I donít know if Iím necessarily liked anywhere, really. It just is what it is when weíre on the field; off the field, thereís no hard feelings for me anywhere. At the end of the day, itís football. I canít control who resents, likes, doesnít like, in a sense. We just go out there, handle our business, play football and keep it moving from there.

Q: Do you think you have become the villain?

A: I donít know. You tell me. Could be that way, couldnít be that way, I donít know. Iím more focused on this year and accomplishing the goals that we have set out. Winning games.

Q: Why do you think that perception is out there?

A: Because it is. I donít know. I have fun. Iím myself at all times and I donít think itís necessarily liked all the time, unless youíre on my side. I canít really control that. Like I said, I canít control who likes, doesnít like, likes me. Itís football at this point.

Q: Can you talk about the leadership Victor gave while he was away, what he was able to do and what that meant for you?

A: It means a lot more that can ever really be explained. For a guy who wants to play football so bad but is still dedicated enough to his team to be here. To throw in his opinion, what heís learned, heís experienced. Heís been there for us all the way. To finally have him back, I donít know how to explain it. Iím excited. I want to see him play, I want to see him do well and see him at the end of the year at the ESPYs with Comeback Player of the Year. Thatís what I expect from him and thatís what I would love to see.

Q: You were saying before that you stole some things from him. Was leadership one of those things?

A: I think everyone is a leader in their own way. Everyone has their own style. Thereís some people who lead by example, thereís some people who lead by the way they play and thereís some people that lead by talking or whatever it may be. Everyone has their own way and express it in different ways.

Q: Ben McAdoo talked about it being hard to match the stats you put up the last two years. Do you think those numbers are still attainable to grow and achieve and would you be disappointed if they werenít?

A: I definitely want to get better each and every year. Whether itís put up better numbers, but I just want to get better every year. The numbers mean something in a sense, but the 6-10 number, flip that around, 10-6 means a lot more. I just hate losing. Iím cool with other people being open, weíre scoring. Thereís no better feeling than being on the field and everything is clicking and weíre winning games. I remember my freshman year in college. We were 13-0 and I wasnít going for 120 yards a game. It was 50 yards, five catches, the blocks that you made to spring a running back. Itís really about winning. I hate losing.
I loved this comment:  
CT Charlie : 9/7/2016 8:29 pm : link
" I donít know if Iím necessarily liked anywhere, really." Sounds like a healthy perspective, and he doesn't dwell on it. I'm annoyed by the writers' habit of pushing him, hoping that he'll give them headline (or bulletin board) material, but he's showing a lot of discipline here.
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