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Wednesday Media Transcript: OT Will Beatty

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/7/2016 4:52 pm
T Will Beatty

September 7, 2016

Q: Do you expect to be out there on Sunday?

A: I always expect to be out there. I know itís not just a guaranteed spot. I have to go out there and prove myself. You have to do that on the practice field and in the meeting room. You donít have as many practices that you used to before. Iím just making sure Iím in the meeting room, making sure Iím getting all of that so that every opportunity Iím taking advantage of.

Q: I know everyone says Ďnever say neverí but when you left here in February, did you have a percentage in your mind of coming back here? And did that change?

A: Hind sight, I want to say 100 percent. When I got cut, I was still injured. I knew that you canít do anything with an injured left tackle. Both arms being worked on. It was like you have to get back and be healthy. You have to be out there on the field and prove yourself before anyone can actually use you. Just coming back here and coming back home is a great feeling. Iím just thankful for the opportunity to be here and to say I played eight seasons with the New York Giants. Itís just a great feeling, I know that itís not given to me. Itís not automatic. Itís something that Iím going to have to work at and improve.

Q: Youíve been a career left tackle and now thereís talk about you learning the right side. How big of a transition is it for you?

A: When I first came in I was left tackle, right tackle, I had a few starts at right before I learned a spot. Iím just out there having not done anything last year, havenít put anything on tape. Iím just trying to get out there on the field. Any spot out there is a good spot. Youíd rather be on the field than on the bench. Now itís just getting myself out there. Knowing the playbook and fitting in anywhere I can fit in. If you donít know the system or know any of the plays, you canít play anywhere.

Q: Where have you been working?

A: Itís just the backups, so left tackle, right tackle. Thatís all Iíve been really doing this offseason. Iíve only been here for about a week. Still within a week. I still havenít put on full pads. Thereís still a lot that has to be done.

Q: You always said that going up against guys like Osi and JPP got you ready for the season. Iím curious that if you get work on scout team against the first team defense, does that help you regain some of that?

A: Weíve got some pretty good DEís. They rank up there. Thereís nothing wrong with scout team building. Scout team building is the first player, the first team defense. Itís like we still have that opportunity that my scout team reps are my reps. I get to go against our best defensive line. Thatís what you need to show yourself. First you prove yourself on the practice field and then they give you a chance in the game.

Q: How big of a day is tomorrow for you?

A: Everyday is a big day.

Q: Can you play tight end?

A: I can play wherever they want. Jumbo tight end is more of a big blocking tight end. Itís just getting out there on the field. Making sure I got the footwork down and all the basics. Wherever they need me when they call, Iíll be ready.

Q: When you were having those talks with the team, was there any expectation on what your role could be?

A: No.

Q: Have you been running up and down the seam catching passes?

A: No, Cruz and Odell kind of have that on lockdown. Iím just going to step back and let them do their thing.

Q: Coach said that tomorrow is a big day because youíll be in full pads. Do you agree?

A: Everyday is a big day. Itís like the first day in full pads is not the first day in full pads since camp. Itís me in full pads for the first time in over a year. Just to put them back on and just to get that feeling. I was out there in the last preseason game in full pads but I didnít really get to hit anyone or use them. To break them in is going to be a good feeling.

Q: How much do you feel like you need to prove to yourself that your body can hold up?

A: The timing of the injuries was unfortunate that they kept me out during the season. Right now the injuries arenít affecting me at all. Iíve been through seasons before where Iíve had injuries and was able to come back because the timing was right at the beginning of the season. We got all that past us now and weíre moving forward.

Q: Do you view this as a test on how your shoulder surgery can hold up?

A: No, because Iím back in the weight room. Iím out there practicing and still running full speed. Itís something different when you put on the full pads. The mentality is still there. I still know what my body can do, I just have to now go and prove it.

Q: Was there anything in your time away that you bring back mentally in terms of attitude or perspective?

A: You say any play can be your last play. When that is your last play, itís a different feeling experiencing it than actually saying it. Being back out there after having the summer off, itís like, okay, now you can do whatever you want to do. Now I just want to play football. That was my goal during the offseason. I was still rehabbing, still trying to come back. I was rehabbing on my own, not with a team, to get back on the field. Now I have that opportunity and I just have to take advantage of it.

Q: Because of that feeling, is that one of the reasons youíre happy to come back here, a place you are familiar with?

A: Just to come back here, itís like this is what I call home. This is where I came from. Okay, you spent five years in college. Itís a given. Once you pick a college, thatís your team. Here in the NFL, each and every week you have to work at it to make it your home and to make a team to call your own. To be back here to say I have another season, another chance, another day to wear this New York Giants logo is a great feeling. Itís also something that on hindsight I took for granted. It was just, I was always a Giant. Well, one day it will be over. Iím not ready for that day to be yet. To just have the opportunity to come back and prove myself and show myself and everyone else that Iíve still got it is a good feeling.
Good interview  
UberAlias : 9/7/2016 4:59 pm : link
I'm glad he's back.
Hoping the Un-employment line lit a little fire ...  
short lease : 9/7/2016 5:37 pm : link
Sounds positive and like he is ready to go.
I know his commitment to football has been questioned...  
Dan in the Springs : 9/7/2016 7:13 pm : link
this interview sounds like he's been reading these criticisms. How many times can you say that you're excited to be back and all you want to do is play football?

Welcome back WB.
Sounds like a thoughtful guy.  
CT Charlie : 9/7/2016 8:49 pm : link
Hope he'll contribute to a season we're proud of.
RE: Good interview  
Percy : 9/7/2016 9:39 pm : link
In comment 13108311 UberAlias said:
I'm glad he's back.

He is a Good Person ....  
Bluesbreaker : 9/8/2016 9:58 am : link
He loves the team he will eventually start hopefully
not because of an injury ..
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