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Thursday Media Transcript: DE Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/8/2016 3:45 pm
DE Olivier Vernon

September 8, 2016

Q: Is there a mentality or philosophy that you apply going into a game against a rookie quarterback like Dak Prescott?

A: We've only seen what we've seen on film and he's put some good tape out there. He's still a rookie, but he's still a good player so we're going to see what he does on Sunday.

Q: What do you remember from your matchup against Tyron Smith?

A: I just remember we lost that game.

Q: But you had a pretty good showing, right?

A: But, in my mindset, that really doesn't even matter. The thing that matters at the end of the day is getting the W.

Q: As far as playing a rookie QB, generally the theme is you blitz the heck out of them. Do you expect a lot of that?

A: I'm just waiting to see what Spagnuolo gives us, that's all.

Q: Are you anxious to see what this defense has?

A: Honestly, I'm anxious to see what this overall team has, basically.

Q: What do you know about the rivalry between these two teams?

A: I know it's pretty big. Especially, with the whole division basically. Everybody has their own home-field advantage. I didn't know this was the opening matchup the past several years, or it's every year. I'm just glad to be a part of it.

Q: We often talk about Dallas as having maybe the best offensive line. From your perspective, what is it about them that makes them the best...if you agree with that.

A: They do have a good offensive line. They have a whole bunch of maulers. Theyíve got a couple of Pro Bowlers. They've got a good offensive line, that's why they get that name.

Q: Is it more about their physicality or their technique that's so good?

A: They're very cohesive. They work as a unit, together. And they're very physical.
A man of few words  
Old Dirty Beckham : 9/8/2016 3:58 pm : link
Good Answer.  
Giantgator : 9/8/2016 4:03 pm : link
"The thing that matters at the end of the day is getting the W."

So pumped to watch OV and JPP get after it. Two outstanding all-around Ends in their prime.
This line is going to be  
Randy in CT : 9/8/2016 4:14 pm : link
damned good.
Every Giant  
HoustonGiant : 9/8/2016 4:41 pm : link
that gets interviewed has nothing but praise for the other team. Seems like we're not giving anyone fodder for the bulletin board.
I hope OV and JPP roll like tanks,  
CT Charlie : 9/8/2016 7:46 pm : link
and we crush them. But even if they don't dominate and we don't get a W, I hope BBI will remember that the Dallas O-line is really really good.
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