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Wednesday Media Transcript: Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/14/2016 4:45 pm
Head Coach Ben McAdoo

September 14, 2016

Alright, we're looking forward to the opener, home opener versus the Saints. Offensively, they're a creative unit. They use their personnel, they use all their personnel and they make you defend the whole field. They're led by a future Hall of Famer in Drew Brees. They have a lot of variety at the skill positions. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their offensive line is a group that's gelling together. Defensively, their crew challenges schematically. They give you a lot of different looks, led by veteran playmakers (Cameron) Jordan, (Jairus) Byrd and (Dannell) Ellerbe. (James) Laurinaitis was brought in and is really communicating with the group and getting them on the same page that way. They're big, physical and heavy-handed up front with the defensive line group and they have some gritty young corners out there that are getting better each and every week. Special teams, their coverage units have good speed and we have to be on our toes. They have a history of taking chances on special teams.

Q: What did you see from P.J. Williams on tape?

A: Again, they're young, scrappy guys. They're getting better each week and they're battling and, again, they do a lot of things schematically to help those guys out.

Q: Is there anything schematically you should do to take advantage of the youth and the inexperience they have?

A: The youth at corner, again, they're scrappy, young players. We like our receivers and we feel that we match up very well there. Again, we need to respect them. We need to go through the week of practice and we need to be able to handle anything they throw at us schematically.

Q: You guys had a shootout with the Saints last season. What's the biggest difference you can tell from their team this season compared to last season?

A: The defense is led by a different coordinator, number one. So the scheme has changed. They have a lot of new faces on the defensive side of the ball. They're a different team, we’re a different team, it’s a new season. You learn from the past and you move on.

Q: You play a lot of games like that against this team. Do you go into a game like this assuming it will be this high-scoring?

A: No, not at all. You play the game as it unfolds. Offensively, they’re very productive in their explosive plays. They have a lot of explosivity. Over 15 percent of their plays defensively, they’re over 14 percent of their plays they give up explosives on. We’re going to play the game as it unfolds. It’s about execution in all three phases.

Q: Have you ever been a part of a game like last year?

A: Yes. Against the Saints in 2011. The game after the Super Bowl in Green Bay. It was a very high scoring game and it came down to a goal line stand at the end. It was high scoring. They do a good job putting points on the board.

Q: Did last year seem like fantasy football?

A: Down in the dome. I had a chance to coach there for one season. Things can get wild down there. We’re fortunate to have them here in front of the home crowd. Expect the Giants fans to have a lot of noise and make it tough on them.

Q: How excited are you for the home opener?

A: I’m excited. I’m excited to go in and take a look at the tape from practice and move on to tomorrow’s practice. We have a great practice tomorrow for these guys. We’re going to take care of our preparation first.

Q: Last year the Saints game was one you lost in the last two minutes. How important was this game this past week to not fall into that trap again?

A: No one is thinking of last year, let alone last week. We’re moving forward and worrying about this week. We’ve learned from the past and we’re moving forward.

Q: You say you are different teams from last year, but does that game hold any value in terms of scouting?

A: No.

Q: I know you don’t like to look in the rear-view mirror, but do you have to bring that game up to the defense about what a disaster that game was?

A: You learn from the past. You look at some things conceptually from the past and you move on. We’re a different team than we were last year. We’re going to play the game this Sunday.

Q: What’s the challenge of disrupting that offense and Drew Brees?

A: Again, Drew is a very talented player. Very smart. He uses all his players and the whole field wisely. He does some things to challenge you schematically and in empty formations. He distributes the ball well. You have to defend the whole field. They have all shapes and sizes at the skill positions. They have speed, size, they can finesse you and play with physicality. They do a nice job with their skill players.

Q: He usually gets the ball out so quick, is it more disrupting the timing of the secondary on the receivers?

A: There’s some different things you can do to disrupt timing and that’s one of them.

Q: What’s the plan to contain Brandin Cooks this weekend?

A: You want to come into the meeting room? He’s a good, talented player. Very productive last week. He has been in the past and is really developing into a complete receiver inside and outside. We have our hands full there.

Q: Where are you at at free safety? Do you plan to play both Nat Berhe and Darian Thompson or is Darian the No. 1?

A: We feel fortunate and blessed in that regard. We have a handful of guys that can come in and play for us. They did a nice job last week.

Q: The way you ran the football late in the game last week, does that give you confidence in this rushing game moving forward?

A: Yes. We’re confident. One week at a time but we’re going to be confident in the run game this week. We want to play balanced football and be physical and heavy-handed up front. We feel we can do that.

Q: What have you seen from Sterling Shepard at this point? Is there still a bunch of rookie mistakes?

A: No. He’s not a guy that makes a bunch of mistakes. He’ll make some mistakes like some young receivers do. He learns from them and he moves on. He can take hard coaching.

Q: You mentioned the other day about some guys with some bumps and bruises but it looks like today you had a full 52, 53 guys? How good is that for practice?

A: We need to start practice faster. We didn’t start practice fast enough today. We need to make a point in getting that right tomorrow.

Q: But as far as health goes, everyone was out there?

A: Yes.

Q: How’s Robert Thomas doing?

A: He still has an illness.

Q: Not that long ago, rookies had to earn their stripes in this league and they didn’t play very often right away. What’s changed that makes you so confident to start these young players.

A: I have confidence first of all in our coaching staff. I have confidence in our scheme that we can integrate players right away. The league has changed. It’s gotten younger. The rookies aren’t that far behind as they used to be, maybe. I think we have a nice crew of young conscientious players.

Q: Thomas has been out a while now with that illness. How serious is it?

A: I don’t know. When he comes back, they’ll let me know.

Q: Do you know when he’ll come back?

A: When they let me know, I’ll tell you.

Q: Has he been in the building?

A: He has, yes.

Q: How rare is it to have a guy like Jonathan Casillas be a little bit of a late bloomer in this league?

A: He came into the league. Fought his way onto the Saints right away and won a Super Bowl. He did the same thing in New England. Fortunate that he was out there for us. He’s come in and done a nice job. He has grown into one heck of a linebacker and one heck of a special teams player.

Q: How has Ryan Nassib responded to Josh Johnson being here?

A: Ryan and Josh are out here competing for a job. It’s healthy.
OK, speculation on Thomas' illness.  
jcn56 : 9/14/2016 4:46 pm : link
Mono? Hysterical pregnancy?
Brown Recluse : 9/14/2016 4:46 pm : link
Better get used to that.
Love it!  
GiantsRage2007 : 9/14/2016 4:52 pm : link
Q: What’s the plan to contain Brandin Cooks this weekend?

A: You want to come into the meeting room?

I was more excited  
Jay on the Island : 9/14/2016 5:24 pm : link
about the JT Thomas signing last year way more than the Casillas one. I thought Thomas might be a slightly lesser Antonio Pierce but it is such a pleasant surprise to see how good Casillas has gotten.
man these questions hammer about last year and the game then  
micky : 9/14/2016 5:46 pm : link
even after Mac said what needs to be said beforehand about it.
Let's Play 'Interpret The Coachspeak'  
Trainmaster : 9/14/2016 5:57 pm : link
Their offensive line is a group that's gelling together.

They're a bunch of JAGs, but they've played together awhile.

Defensively, their crew challenges schematically.

They're a bunch of JAGs, but their DC has come up with a way to compensate.

... led by veteran playmakers (Cameron) Jordan, (Jairus) Byrd and (Dannell) Ellerbe.

They brought in a bunch of old guys to BandAid holes made by poor drafting.

... gritty young corners ...

A rag, tag group ...

... young, scrappy guys ...

see "gritty young corners ..."

The youth at corner, again, they're scrappy, young players.

see "gritty young corners ..."
Even though you don't learn much  
bignygfan : 9/14/2016 10:34 pm : link
Nice to see how B-Mac answers these questions.

Feel bad for the media that they can't get answers, makes their jobs tough but that's the gig.
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