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Friday Media Transcript: RB Rashad Jennings

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/16/2016 4:57 pm
RB Rashad Jennings

September 16, 2016

Q: Does the home opener ever add any extra juice to it?

A: It has a whole other level of excitement. Itís the first time you get to perform in front of your home crowd. Having that 12th man on the field and then obviously being here in New York, it means a lot to this organization. To play with our fans, in front of them against a good opponent, we want to go out and put on a good show.

Q: On the final drive last week, the way you guys were able to run even when everyone knew you were going to run it, how much better does that make you feel about the run game coming into this week?

A: It means a lot anytime youíre in a position where you need to run the clock out. We fell a yard short. We want to finish with the ball in our hands. To be able to eat the clock, eat a teamís timeouts and allow the defense to do what they do, itís complementary football. It shows a lot of growth. For us, we already have a lot of trust inside these locker rooms. I think it just shows a little bit outside and what they can expect from us. All the hard work weíve been putting in. Most importantly, we beat a really, really good team on the road, game one in the division. It counts twice and we won it in a close game manner. Thatís something that we werenít able to do last year. It feels good to start off that way.

Q: I know that Drew Brees is on the other offense, but do you feel that you have to put up a couple more points knowing that Brees is certainly capable of doing that?

A: Yes. I think everybody should go into a game across the league like that. The defense should feel like they have to put it on their back, the offense should feel like they have to put it on their back, the special teams. Weíre not oblivious. We know the Saints have a powerful offense led by Drew Brees. The best way to take care of that is not have him on the field. Thatís for us to sustain drives, move the chains and score points every time weíre on the football field. Itís going to take four quarters.

Q: What do you take from being the leagueís leading rusher since Week 14 of last season?

A: It doesnít make a difference. Itís about winning. Iím in there trying to get in the winning column. I told you all before what my job is here. Thatís not going to change.

Q: Does winning a close game like that transfer to more close wins? Is that what you hope?

A: Yes. You have to find ways to win close games in this league. All of you know that. We all know that. Itís been showing since Iíve been here. Creating opportunities is something that weíve been able to do. Making sure we control the ball, control the clock. No self-inflicted wounds. Weíre going to be a good team if we do all of that. It feels good beating a really good team away. First game in the division. We just have to keep growing. This is a tough challenge coming in on Sunday. Theyíre coming off a very tough loss against the Raiders. They have a lot they want to prove, just like us.

Q: How much of a difference has Victor Cruz made for this offense?

A: He makes a big difference. He helps spread out the field. Thatís another factor on the football field that you have to account for. Just as well as Odell out there, too. It opens up the field for more one-on-one opportunities for more players like Shep and King and a lot of other guys. It also makes a defensive coordinator have to not tip his hand to one side. If you want to put eight, nine in the box, then it opens up the pass. If you want to put a few in the box, itís going to open up the run. It gives us a chance to play complementary football. Itís exciting to watch him perform because we know how hard heís been working to get back.

Q: What do you think of Brett Jones?

A: Heís a different breed. Heís stout. Heís a physical guy, smart. He doesnít really get enough credit for that. Heís a very smart player, loves the game and he plays it like he would want somebody to play it. Physical, downhill. He plays it to the second whistle.

Q: It also gives him an opportunity to play?

A: Heís a very humble guy with something to prove. Whether he gets in one, two, however many plays, we know that heís going to go at it.

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