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Post-Game Transcript: K Josh Brown

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/18/2016 6:59 pm
K Josh Brown

Postgame vs New Orleans, September 18, 2016

Q: How did it feel to get back out there?

A: It felt great. Itís good to be back. Long week last week. It was hard to watch the game. It was great to be out there and be able to kick again. Got a win under our belt.

Q: What about the game-winner on top of it?

A: I told Victor I couldíve had it a little longer, just joking. This was a big day. I wanted to start off really strong. I would like to have that 53-yarder back, but thatís kind of part of it.

Q: What happened on that?

A: I hit a good clean ball. It just didnít move the way I wanted it to. It stayed perfectly straight. I think I came around it a little bit. Not too much. Just have to work on some rhythm a little bit.

Q: How have you weathered the time since we last spoke with you? There was a lot of reaction with the Giants sticking with you.

A: Sure. Thereís nothing I can do. I continue to work, continue to try and be as Iíve been in the last couple of years. This is nothing new to me, itís just new to everyone else. I tried to do the best that I knew how to just continue to work with my teammates and continue to concentrate on football. That was the main thing. Just continue to be in a position to play well.

Q: How weird was Sunday?

A: I went to a friendís house. We had a bunch of people over. The first part of the game was obviously pretty emotional with 9/11 coupled in with all of that, but really just not being there. After a quarter or so, I was able to calm myself down. Really just enjoy the game and cheer my team on.

Q: There has been more than 20 instances of domestic violence alleged against you. Do you deny that?

A: I have nothing to say about it. Literally nothing. My family and I have moved on. My concern is my children and thatís it. Everything that I said prior to the day my suspension came out is all I am going to say.

Q: You said it was just a moment at that time?

A: It was a single moment, an act.

Q: Your anger management counselor wrote in a letter that you have anger management (issues)?

A: I havenít seen that letter. I have no idea about that whatsoever.

Q: Do you have any new messages or anything else you want to add to that to the female audience?

A: No. Not one thing

Q: Were you surprised that the league only gave you one game?

A: No.

Q: Why not?

A: I have absolutely nothing to say about what has transpired or the suspension. I went through the process as I was allowed. That was their decision. I accept the responsibility. Onward and upward. We have 14 games to go.

Q: What would you say to the people that say you shouldnít be on the team?

A: I have no comment for them. Everyone has an opinion and theyíre allowed to have that.

Q: What is your emotion or feeling about what John Mara did and said, saying he is going to keep you on the team?

A: I was very happy about it. I appreciated everything Mr. Mara says. He has quite a bit of knowledge about my situation. I appreciated the fact that the Giants stood beside me and behind me. Iíll continue to do whatever I can to make sure they never regret their decision.

Q: In the police report, your wife had said there had been 20 incidents?

A: There is no comment Iím going to give you. My family and I have addressed these issues long before anyone else ever talked about them.

Q: Were you home in Washington?

A: Yes, I was. I spent the week with my daughter. I took her to and from school. I enjoyed my time with her. I canít wait till October to see her again. Then Christmas.

Q: There was a report of a blackmail incident in Hoboken in 2014 and it said the Giants were involved. Were they involved and did that situation occur?

A: No. There was no blackmail. No.

Q: Do you feel like a changed person since the incident that led to a suspension?

A: I think my change and understanding of what has gone on has not just occurred. This is not new.

Q: Your first game back, you convert on the winning field goal. How does that make you feel after what youíve been through?

A: It feels good. It feels like any other game-winner. My focus is this team and kicking balls through the uprights. This is not news to me. None of this stuff is news to me. Iíve continued to play well here. I will continue to play well here. Iím moving on, as I always have. Iím going to continue to kick as I always have. Thatís my focus.

Q: Any extra pressure today?

A: No.

Q: Was there any concern on your part with the public reaction?

A: I honestly didnít read anything. Not one thing. I never read a single thing.

Q: Was there any point where you were concerned the Giants werenít going to take you back?

A: I honestly really couldnít even worry about it. Itís their choice.

Q: Did you think it might be a possibility?

A: Sure.

Q: You said this is something youíve dealt with before any of us found out. What is it that youíve dealt with?

A: Iíve had things that Iíve needed to work on in my own personal life coming from my own childhood. Iíve done that. Weíre moving on.

Q: You mean anger?

A: No.

Q: When did this work itself out that you were going to stay with the team?

A: Iím here to kick field goals.

Q: Did you hear anything from the fans today? Either negative or in support?

A: Nope. I have not heard one negative comment.

Q: What was your experience like with the fans?

A: Itís been great. I came today like I normally do. Signed autographs like I normally do. Thereís been nothing. Iím moving on.

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"Do you still beat your wife?"
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