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Tuesday Media Transcript: RB Rashad Jennings

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/20/2016 5:24 pm
Q: How long will you keep that cast on for?

A: Tomorrow I plan on practicing, so this is just being safe.

Q: All the X-rays are negative?

A: Yeah, we're good.

Q: Can you play with a cast if you needed to?

A: Yeah, I did all college.

Q: What was that like?

A: Football (laughs). That's a part of football. You got to battle through little things and even big things sometimes. It's just part of the game.

Q: I'm sure it limits you a little bit though.

A: No.

Q: Can you still switch the ball and carry the ball with the other hand if you have to?

A: Yeah, if necessary. Most of the time, you catch yourself carrying a ball in both hands. You can carry it all the whole time in one hand even if you needed to, so that's not anything that would hold you down.

Q: Was it for the thumb, the hand?

A: It was just thumb.

Q: Just a minor nuisance?

A: Pretty much. Something I've got to deal with. The cost of playing football.

Q: You're a workaholic and pain is not something that bothers you much. Is that what they told you, that's a pain threshold thing in terms of you being able to go?

A: Yeah. I plan, like I said earlier, on practicing tomorrow. Going out there and running, going through the normal stuff.

Q: Sometimes when guys have a hurt appendage, you worry about carrying the ball in the other hand because that's not natural. As a player, you always want to put the ball in the right hand depending upon where you're going to run. Do you have to think about that?

A: No, I don't think you have to think about that. Any player wants to have the ball on the outside arm so you could always have the inside to fight. Sometimes, through the course of the game, depending on the angle, cut backs and everything, you find yourself with the ball in the wrong arm. I don't think any player really would say that would hold them back.

Q: When did it happen? How did it happen? Do you remember the play?

A: Absolutely do not remember the play that made it happen. I was talking about that earlier, the adrenaline of a game, you're just in. You keep on playing if itís anything that's not to the legs necessarily. You don't even remember when it happens. So, you just keep on playing through it.

Q: 2-0, to keep that going, it takes a lot of work. Do you think this team is invested in making that commitment to get to 3-0?

A: Yeah, we're here. This is a good team. I'm proud that we're finding ways to close out the games with the win, especially close games. We did something, as a team, hats off to this defense and special teams. We did something really special with three turnovers, playing against a really, really, really good team. So, that's a testament top to bottom. To how we stay in it, the leadership of this team. We'll just continue to grow. Big opportunity ahead of us.

Q: And they want this badly. They're 0-2, so you have to be conscious of that?

A: I don't care how hungry anybody is, so are we. We throw the records out the door every single time we get on the field Sundays. Especially when you're in the division.

Q: Defensively, do they pose some problems for you?

A: They can do a lot. 3-4 base, but they can play nickel, put four down. Especially with the personnel they have, they can play man across the board. They got good players coming in playing the nickel. They have some veteran leadership back there in the secondary, too. So it's just a well-groomed defense, so we have to make sure we're on our P's and Q's.

Q: At 2-0, where is this team right now in terms of collectively playing as a unit. In terms of establishing play. Where is this team?

A: Right now, we are at a good place. We're at a place where we have a lot more to improve and we can say we're doing that with a 2-0 record. We're not satisfied again. But going back to the leadership on this team, it's exciting. It's one day at a time. Right now, we just finished a day, tomorrow back on the gridiron, getting ready for the Redskins.
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