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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/22/2016 3:34 pm
WR Sterling Shepard

September 22, 2016

Q: Did you notice how teams approach you from week 1 to 2 changed and are you expecting again to see changes?

A: Nothing has really changed. It is kind of hard to tell this early. Everybody has been playing their base defense. There has been a lot of help on Odellís side, so I feel like we have to do a better job, just to get some of those guys off of him and give him some breathing room, so we just have to continue to do what we have been doing and keep preparing the way we have been preparing.

Q: At the same time are you sitting there thinking that if they double Odell, you are just going to need to contribute more?

A: That is exactly what is going to have to happen and I am just going to have to keep doing what I am doing in one-on-one coverage. Vic has to keep doing what he is doing and the same with the tight ends. We have to catch balls and get open.

Q: If Josh Norman starts jawing at you and playing mind games with you, how well prepared are you to deal with a guy like that?

A: I have been dealing with the same type of corners in college. I just never really focus on what other people are doing. I just focus on what we have to do as a team to win and that is all that we need to focus on, we donít need to focus on all of the outside stuff that is going on, or what somebody else is doing.

Q: Have you played both slot and the outside?

A: Yeah.

Q: Are you more comfortable in either one?

A: No, I just like playing receiver, to be honest. It doesnít matter whether it is outside or inside.

Q: What is your mindset on third down?

A: Like I was just saying, I love third downs. It is a chance that we have to stay on the field, so I am definitely licking my chops every time it is third down, we need something big. That is the way it has been playing out. I have been beating my guy and getting open, trying to find little gaps in the zone, that is just the way it has been working out and hopefully that continues and like I said, I love third down.

Q: What was going through your head when Odell was saying that you were going to be the Giants secret weapon this year?

A: I am not the kind of person that is going to say what I am going to do before I do it, but Odell was talking highly of me, which is great, but I just want to come out and do my part and help the teamís success.

Q: After a couple of weeks, are you thinking that you can really play in this league?

A: Yeah, I knew it was going to be rough at first, just getting the playbook down and everything, but once I got that down, I was ready. I knew I was ready for this. I feel like this is what I was born to do, so I am excited. I canít wait for the rest of the season.
I love this kid.  
Klaatu : 9/22/2016 3:52 pm : link
And I don't care who knows it.
His mindset on 3rd downs  
Giantology : 9/22/2016 3:54 pm : link
is fucking awesome. I love that.
I think I have to agree  
OBJRoyal : 9/22/2016 5:27 pm : link
He was born to play football, or at least he had the self motivation to make himself who he is out on the field.

Love the player!! Glad he's a Giant!!
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