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Post-Game Transcript: WR Victor Cruz

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/25/2016 6:26 pm
WR Victor Cruz

Postgame vs. Washington, September 25, 2016

Q: You guys have come up with two fourth quarter wins and then you had that huge first down and it looked like you guys would roll down for a field goal to win it. How frustrating is it to come up short?

A: It is extremely frustrating. Obviously you come in and you are confident, you have been in this position before and you want to go out there and score for your team to win the game as we have done before, but today wasnít our day.

Q: You had a chance to step on their necks. You would be 3-0 and they would be 0-3. Is it upsetting that you couldnít get it done and just get them behind you?

A: Anytime you lose against any team, no matter where they are at, it is a tough one to swallow. Especially one like this where we had some opportunities to put some points on the board, but you win some and you lose some, you have to learn from the losses and move on.

Q: Is a big part that needs to get cleaned up in order to take the next step the turnover issue?

A: Definitely. Obviously turnovers are something that we canít have and something that we have to understand how to protect the football and hold on to the football in order for us to be successful, but you know, it is just one of those things where, like I said, we have to learn from it and move on.

Q: How much did Weston Richburgís ejection change the game?

A: It didnít change the game at all. Obviously it is the next man up. It is unfortunate. Obviously he is one of the leaders of this team and one of the leaders of the offensive line, but it is an unfortunate situation that happened, but next man up, we need to get in there and do it.

Q: Was it surprising to see that happen?

A: I guess so, yeah. You donít see it often.

Q: Did that feel like a pretty charged game out there? There were a lot of flags.

A: Yeah, I mean, obviously the refs were on high alert just for the severity of the game and the heightened attention of this game, but you have to play. That is all that we can control.

Q: How do you feel like you guys handled that part of the intensity?

A: I thought that we handled it well. I think we understood that in any game we canít depend on the refs. You canít depend them giving us calls or giving them calls, we have to go out there and play our game and put our best foot forward.

Q: How do you think Odell acquitted himself against Norman? How do you think he carried himself?

A: I think he was great. I think he understood the point of emphasis of this game. I think he understood the heightened attention of this game that he individually was going to get and I think he handled the pressure well.
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