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Wednesday Media Transcript: LB Jonathan Casillas

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/28/2016 5:16 pm
LB Jonathan Casillas

September 28, 2016

Q: What is the challenge for this football team to bounce back from that loss at home?

A: Well, when you lose one at home and go on the road, that is not always the best situation and this is a great team that we are playing. I say great because they won their division last year, they handily beat us last year and they are looking to do the same thing, so this is a tough [game]. They have great skill on the outside and a quarterback who can throw the ball where he wants to throw it.

Q: How important is it for the Giants to be more disciplined going forward?

A: Oh, a lot more. All those penalties last week and undisciplined play wonít beat anybody, especially a team as good as this.

Q: Are you feeling good about your club bouncing back?

A: Yeah, for sure. I think we have a great, resilient group and the character in this locker room is second to none.

Q: How do you address the penalties?

A: Well, we just have to stay more disciplined. A lot of the pre-snap penalties, we can [fix] ourselves mentally, being locked in and being on point. Sometimes the bang, bang stuff, lowering your target on certain plays and not doing certain things on special teamís situations, comes with a little IQ and also learning, but the pre-snap penalties, we have to eliminate those. The bang, bang plays, sometimes your hat might not be in the right place, sometimes you are aggressively trying to grab somebody and you hold them. Sometimes that happens, but all the pre-snap penalties, we need to eliminate all of those.

Q: It is loud there. The horn is loud and annoying. How does that play into this game?

A: We donít really pay attention to that at all on defense. Like you said, we donít really have it because they try to be quiet for the offense out there.

Q: Do you guys take anything from the success that you had against Sam Bradford last year?

A: Not really. Every game is a new game. Every year is a new year. He is on a new team, in a new year. What I can say is that he is throwing the ball well. Just the early glimpses that I have seen out of him.

Q: Does he look different?

A: He looks comfortable, which is hard to say when a quarterback has only been there for a few weeks, in a new offense and new team, but he looks comfortable. He doesnít look like he is thinking too much. He is going through his reads and progressions pretty much on time and he has a lot of weapons to work with.

Q: Can you tell that he is a guy that has only played there for a few weeks based on the film?

A: No. He is a vet, man. He has played a lot of football in this league. He has been in the league for a while now and he has always had the reigns and has always had the control over the offense and he has always been a playmaker. People give him stuff all the time, but who isnít criticized in this league? I think he is a doing a pretty good job at it. Especially with just coming in a for a few weeks now, taking hold of this offense and everyone is looking towards him. You lose the best running back in the league, you lose him, one of the up and coming quarterbacks, you lose him, and now everybody is looking towards Bradford and I think he is doing a pretty good job.

Q: Is it tough to study them in that sense, because Sam didnít play the first game and AP went down? They have pretty much had a different offense each week.

A: Well, not really. I wouldnít think that their offensive coordinator put too much on him as in change too much of the offense, but they have some ties Ė one of the coaches from there used to be in Philly, so maybe a little correlation with the Philly offense, but I donít think they are going to go too far away from what Minnesota has always run.

Q: Does it look like Kyle Rudolph is becoming a safety net for Bradford in that offense?

A: Yeah, definitely, and Rudolph has had Pro Bowl seasons and he is showing that this year again, that he is that Pro Bowl caliber tight end and we have to be concerned about him.

Q: What is the biggest thing you have to limit them to doing if you want to win this game?

A: Big plays. I know that big plays hurt us last week and you canít continue to allow seven-plus big plays to any offense, especially this one. Diggs does a great job on the outside and 82, like you said, he not only is a safety blanket, but he can stretch the field as well.

Q: You guys didnít allow many big plays in the first two games. What happened against Washington?

A: I know one play was a tough play on the touchdown play. DRC had good coverage, you want to call it a catch, you donít want to call it a catch, but some people were out of position at safety on that play. We were undisciplined last game, it showed up in the penalties and also showed up on defense, giving up big plays.

Q: Do you guys want to turn this game into a back and forth slug fest?

A: Yeah, I see what you are saying, like defense vs. defense?

Q: Yeah.

A: You know what? I want to say yes, but not really. We are worrying about their offense and stopping and limiting them. They have had a lot of success, maybe not too much touchdowns-wise, but at the same time they are moving the ball and they are playing complementary ball with the offense, defense and special teams, and we have to counteract for me, special teams and also defense as well.
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