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Friday Media Transcript: DE Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/30/2016 3:43 pm
DE Olivier Vernon

September 30, 2016

Q: This is the first time youíve ever had a wrist injury like this, right?

A: Itís just a little nick.

Q: You and JPP are playing pretty much 90 percent of the snaps. Heís a little higher. Is that something that can carry on throughout the season or do you need a little bit of a rotation to be productive?

A: For the most part, when weíre out there, weíre just trying to make plays. As many as we can. Just try to help the defense for the most part. Whatever pans out, it does. Weíre just going week by week.

Q: As a defensive line, what is your satisfaction with the amount of pressure you have gotten?

A: Itís still the beginning of the season. We have more work to do. Just taking it week by week.

Q: You have a couple of guys banged up in the secondary. If youíre missing those guys, as a lineman, does that make the clock speed up?

A: We have a lot of great young guys as well. They can play. Itís up to them. Itís about accountability. Stepping up to the plate and doing their job.

Q: Can a pass rusher allow himself to think, I have to do it a little quicker to give them more time or do you have to always be in quick mode?

A: Your goal is to always get there fast, as fast as you want to be. As long as everybody is on the same page and weíre just doing what we have to do and not doing anything extra or out of the ordinary. Just playing our game.

Q: To this point, Sam Bradfordís numbers indicate that heís doing a lot of mid-range stuff. Heís not throwing the ball long or looking to go deep. Have you guys noticed that and do you expect it to change?

A: Thatís their game plan. There might be some wrinkles here and there, but for the most part, they might get the ball out fast. I think everyone that we go against is going to try and get the ball out fast. You just have to make it work.

Q: When you originally see the Vikings on the schedule, you think itís going to be Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson. Are you surprised theyíre 3-0 considering they lost so much firepower from their offense?

A: Theyíre a good team. Theyíre a good team all around. They went to the playoffs last year and theyíre trying to get back. They have very talented guys on that defense and that offense. Itís going to be a good ballgame.

Q: Is it a different feel without Peterson there?

A: Itís just overall a good team. They complement each other very well, especially on defense. They have a good offense as well. They have a lot of explosive guys as well. We just have to be able to keep up with them right now.

Q: Would you agree that on offense they lean on their defense a lot? They know they donít need to score a ton of points.

A: You never want to give the ball away. You always want to be good and on the positive side of the turnover spectrum. They have a good defense. Theyíve been taking the ball away a lot these past few games. We have to step our game up and try and match them.

Q: As a defense, I donít think you have taken the ball away once this year. Is there any reason you think for that?

A: Just not our time yet. Not our time. We have plenty of games left. Thereís plenty of time to turn things around.

Q: Is that a part of the game where it just comes and goes? Sometimes you get a bunch of takeaways and sometimes you donít?

A: Itís just like the weather up here. Itís cold and itís hot. Iím trying to get used to it. It comes and it goes. Right now weíre just trying to make it come. Weíre doing everything that we can. Doing the same thing that weíve been doing in practice. Working on turnovers and just getting the ball out. Right now we just have to have it transition over to the field.

Q: Is it easier to prepare for an offensive line when they have new pieces or the same guys?

A: Preparing for a team is preparing for a team. Itís harder when you see someone that hasnít been on film. Thereís a lot of guys that just come up. They do something spectacular. Itís just preparing and making sure everyone is in the game plan. Just know what we have to do.
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