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Friday Media Transcript: Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/30/2016 3:45 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

September 30, 2016

Q: How hard is it going to be this week because you might not have Orleans Darkwa or Bobby Rainey who you ordinarily might have on special teams?

A: Itís not hard. You just have to plan ahead. Ben (McAdoo) is giving us extra time with the rookies, which is nice. Just to work with them more. Itís the next man up. Theyíve been preparing for this since weíve had them in the spring. Whoever steps up will be ready to go.

Q: What happened on Josh Brownís kickoff that went out of bounds?

A: He just miss-hit it. We were trying to kick it deep. We werenít trying to do anything special. It was just a miss-hit.

Q: Is that because you were trying to find that range with the new distance?

A: No, he was trying to kick away. We werenít trying to do anything out of the ordinary.

Q: Did you see anything on the fake punt or did they just try and throw it up for grabs?

A: They threw it up there. You have to play eight guys in the box. You have to play man on the outside, so they donít run a fake inside. We have to use a better technique. There is no pass interference in that situation trying to hold the guy. You can be really physical and get them widened out. Make it a tough throw and catch.

Q: Any concern about the snaps? A low one on a field goal, a high one on a punt. Is that a concern?

A: (Zak DeOssie is) always working to perfect it and get into a rhythm. No concerns.

Q: I donít think Brad Wing has one inside the 20. Is it just the bounce of the ball or a mechanical issue?

A: Well, we had a lot earlier last year because we had a lot of punts from the plus-50. This year we havenít had as many to compare to. We havenít been punting as much. Kickoff and return, weíre trying to establish field position.

Q: What do you say to a young kid like Andrew Adams given that scenario last week?

A: You can never go to the head and neck area. I think, also, just the awareness. There were three guys involved on the sideline. Two of those guys were gone for us. Once they heard that, they recognized and started to turn. Once they went to turn, he turned to block. When he heard that and the crowd, he shouldíve pulled off. When the guy is charging down the field, you have to block the guy. Thatís the situation. He knew it and heíll learn from it. Once you see the TV tape, you see it vividly on the TV tape.

Q: Is he the kind of kid you have to worry about in that regard?

A: Heís not reckless or someone you worry about penalties. I think he was trying too hard or trying to be physical.

Q: The penalty nullified the block, but the block is still there. I would imagine thatís good?

A: It is for Romeo (Okwara). I am happy for him. He executed the way we wanted to. That was a positive.

Re: long punt return allowed

A: Yes. We just have to tackle better. Brad had a good punt, we have two guys that we trust. We have to get him down.
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