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Wednesday Media Transcript: G Justin Pugh

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/5/2016 7:52 pm
G Justin Pugh

October 5, 2016

Q: Ben was talking about the offense and he feels that you’re close to breaking out. Do you feel the same way?

A: I feel really good about our offense. We’ve done some really good things on offense. We have to stop turning the ball over. It was loud out there in Minnesota. Probably the loudest place I’ve ever played in. I think that first drive, the fans got them three points. We had a false start that took us out of field goal range. We were right on that cusp. We get three there instead of having to punt, there’s a different game. We can’t talk about it like that though. We have to make things happen. We’re a good offense and we have to put that on tape. We have to go out on the field and score points.

Q: You think you’ve been shooting yourselves in the foot too much?

A: Yes. I think I kind of regret after watching it., I’m like, ‘whoa, what could’ve been.’ That doesn’t change what happened. You can’t keep saying, ‘well, if this would’ve happened, if that would’ve happened.’ It’s not helping us at all saying stuff like that. We have to go out there and execute. We have to do it. We have to stop saying we’re going to do it and go out and do it.

Q: Have you seen Ben McAdoo’s demeanor change at all?

A: I think today was our best meeting as a team. He came in and just said this is us. No one outside is coming to rescue us. This 53 is how we’re going to win games. These coaches. We have to go out there and stick together. I feel good about this. This is the most talented team that we’ve had. I feel like we’re very close as an offensive unit. I think we’re going to keep doing some good things. I feel good about where we’re going. Everyone is still upbeat. We’ve been in way worse holes than this. 2-2. We have a tough schedule coming up so everyone has to lock in and be ready to go.

Q: Does a speech like that from Ben motivate the guys?

A: Yes. For sure. I was getting goose bumps a little bit. I’m excited. I’m excited for what we’re capable of. I know what we have in this room. We have to go out there and prove it. You get pushed back into the wall a little bit. Maybe you come out in two weeks and you get a little comfortable. You get to 2-0 and no one has been 2-0 for a little while. Keep realizing every week is hard in the NFL.

Q: Is it hard to see every team in the division is winning?

A; Yes. You have to win. If you want to stay in the division, you have to win. Obviously Philly is undefeated. Dallas has won some games; Washington has won some games. To keep up with those guys and to be where we want to be, you have to win games.

Q: When you look at Ben going back to Green Bay, has he been flat lined with you guys?

A: Yes. He’s been the same with us. He’s been stoic. Obviously deep down there’s a little extra. You go back and you’re going against the team that you used to coach and used to live at. There is no way around that. Just going in and making sure you’re preparing and doing a little extra, whatever the extra is. I can see that happening. Coach Mac has been great. I love him. He’s going to prepare like he always has. He puts everything into every game. We’ll know where the sun is coming in in Dallas and where it’s shining and which quarter. He will cover every aspect to be successful.

Q: He will have some tips on Lambeau?

A: Yes, he will have some tips. Coach Solari was there as well. He knows those guys pretty well. They have a great defensive front. It’ll be another challenge for us. Another primetime game away. We have to go out and get a win.

Q: Did you need to hear that message about the 53?

A: We’re in New York. If you win, everyone is going to love it. If you lose, you’re going to hear about it. That’s the good and the bad about playing in New York City. I feel bad that one person is being singled out. He’s not being a distraction. He’s emotional. There are emotional players all over this league. Obviously things aren’t going our way, so a microscope is going to be on him. I feel bad that has to be the case. This is 11 on 11 football. If he isn’t having a good game, maybe it’s because we let up a pressure or something didn’t happen the way it was supposed to happen. That’s not on him. I think that’s the media. If you’re a high-profile guy, you bring that on yourself, too, if you’re going to be out there doing things like that. He’s family to us. We have to do our jobs so he can be successful, too.
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