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Thursday Media Transcript: ST Coordinator Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/6/2016 4:07 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

October 6, 2016

Q: The fumbled punt. What had happened there?

A: From looking at the tape, he just took his eyes off of it at the end. He was probably trying to do too much. It was unfortunate because that was really the first time all year that I felt like we were playing complementary football. We had a good kickoff return, moved the ball down offensively, punted the ball to the one and stopped them defensively. We were going to get good field position on the road in a tough environment. Thatís a tough one. Cannot allow that to happen. Probably just trying to press too much. Have to just take a fair catch at that point.

Q: Right before that, you guys passed up on a 55-yard field goal attempt to punt. Obviously it worked great. Would Josh have been able to hit that 55, or would that have been a stretch?

A: He could hit it, but if you donít, youíre starting at mid-field on the road. If you have an opportunity to play good team football, then you play good team football.

Q: Brad looked like he was really on his game?

A: He was. I was encouraged by it. Two dangerous returners so he did a good job controlling them from the punt game. It was good to see.

Q: Youíve obviously had to plug some young guys in. How have they done?

A: Theyíre good. Theyíre willing. They work hard. Itís a learning process. You have to do it on game day. Itís hard to replicate the speed that you see. The looks arenít always the same. Iím pleased with them. They have a long way to go. Keep working.

Q: On kickoff return, do you have a set depth in the end zone to kneel it? Does it change?

A: It changes. He took those out and ended up with good results sometimes. If they donít, then itís kind of a risk/reward type thing. He has to have a good time clock in his head. If itís hanging up there too long, regardless of how far it is, you probably want to take a knee. The coverage is converging. If itís kicked a little bit flatter, youíll have an opportunity to bring it up. It goes by the game too. The way the flow of the game goes. Sometimes youíll say, ĎHey, just take a knee,í and thereís other times where youíll say, ĎJust take it out.í It fluctuates.

Q: Does the new touchback rule change what youíve done in the past?

A: It changes it a little bit. If the kick doesnít have the appropriate hang, then you want to take a chance if you feel good about the returners. It does change from game to game and play to play.

This man is grateful for Beckhamgate  
Mason : 10/6/2016 5:23 pm : link
because his unit has been responsible for a lot of the teams' misery this season. He isn't the only one that has been flying under the radar though related to the team bad performance these games though.
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