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Friday Media Transcript: Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/7/2016 2:43 pm
Head Coach Ben McAdoo

October 7, 2016

Q: How do you feel about where you’re at with your cornerbacks as far as getting ready for Sunday?

A: Excited for tomorrow’s practice. Have a chance to launch tomorrow. A chance to get some guys out there getting some good speed work. Haven’t had a chance to do much speed work this week. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

Q: How have DRC and Apple responded to what they’ve done this week?

A: Tomorrow is a big test for us, those two included. I don’t want to speak too soon on it.

Q: How much have you changed your schedule this week having one less day as far as the intensity in practice?

A: We modified our days. We pushed our Wednesday back. Thursday, we were smart as far as the loads go on the contact.

Q: You didn’t use any pads this week?

A: Correct.

Q: There’s been a lot of talk about Odell this week. How do you think it has affected the team in any way?

A: I think we have a close-knit group of guys. We have a strong locker room, a confident locker room. We’ll push through it.

Q: You said earlier in the week that you thought this offense was ready to break out. What are some of the signs that you see that give that indication?

A: I have confidence in the players, first and foremost. We’re strong down the middle and we have depth down the middle. I think our perimeter and our passing game is starting to come along timing-wise. We just need more consistency. We need to be committed to discipline and poise, take advantage of our opportunities.

Q: Odell’s had some huge games in his career. Do you think he’s primed for a huge one?

A: That’s just talk right now. We need to go out and do it. We’re capable of it.

Q: Two losses in a row, how much of a pressure point is this to get things going the other way?

A: This is one of 16. We’re going to treat it the same. We have the same focus and same intensity going into each and every game. This is one of 16. It just so happens we’re coming off two games that we’d like to have back. We ran out of time in a couple games. We need to put our best foot forward this week.

Q: As a head coach, do you find it important to stay yourself regardless of the highs and the lows?

A: If I’m going to ask the players to be committed to discipline and poise, then I have to do the same.

Q: Does your safety position change if DRC or Apple are able to come back?

A: We have a lot of flexibility. It depends on what package we’re in.

Q: Rashad Jennings has been limited for three weeks but been out there every day. What does he need to do? What is the hurdle he needs to clear to be out there on game day?

A: No different than what I talked about earlier in the week. He has to demonstrate that he can protect himself, protect the ball and protect the quarterback.

Q: Has he demonstrated that?

A: Tomorrow is going to be a big day for a lot of people.

Q: Do you anticipate Andrew Adams being your safety again this week?

A: He’ll have an opportunity to play, yes.

Q: What did you think of Odell being the talk at the Vatican?

A: I think everyone has had the opportunity to speak their minds on Odell. We’ll leave it at that.

Q: I know you said that you have a close-knit group. Is there a way that this Odell situation could maybe bring you closer?

A: I think every time you go through something together it makes you stronger.

Q: You mentioned that you have to push through it. In what ways did you think it was most necessary and that it came into your everyday preparation?

A: What other option do we have?

Q: Do you speak to Mike McCarthy during the season at all?

A: I usually don’t get a chance to speak with my wife, let alone any other coaches in the business. No, I don’t do a great job of that anyway.

Q: What about offseason?

A: Yes. We talk.

Q: Will some element of this be special to be across the field on the opposite sideline?

A: No. It’s one of 16. It’s another opportunity to get on the field in a short week. We’ll be excited to get back.

Q: Have you been back to Green Bay since you left?

A: No.

Q: How do you think Bobby Hart has done stepping in at right tackle?

A: He had a good week last week. He made some progress. We need to make sure he’s dialed in and ready to go this week.

Q: How do you treat that? You don’t know when Marshall Newhouse will be back. Does Bobby Hart keep the job or can Marshall get it back?

A: That’ll be a great problem to have.

Q: Where do you stand when Rashad comes back? Does he automatically get a starting spot back if he’s fully healthy?

A: It’s a hypothetical.

Q: What’s your feeling on that in general?

A: It’s a case by case basis. Another hypothetical.

Q: The fact that JPP has only missed five defensive snaps all season, do you look at this as a point to start lowering his and OV’s snap counts a little bit?

A: We’ll take it on a game by game basis. They’re highly-conditioned guys. They go very hard on the field. It’s something that we will monitor going forward.

Q: Do you see their performance dropping off because of the amount of snaps that they’ve played?

A: No.

Q: You keep moving Skinner and Thomas off and on the practice squad. What’s the thinking behind that?

A: Business transactions.
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