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Friday Media Transcript: TE Coach Kevin M. Gilbride

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/7/2016 3:23 pm
Tight Ends Coach Kevin Gilbride

October 7, 2016

Q: How is Jerell Adams coming along?

A: He has done a nice job. In the limited reps that he got last week, he actually played really well, so that was good to see in a big spot on Monday Night Football with a loud crowd for him to be able to step in there and execute pretty well.

Q: Is he ready to step up and do even more this week?

A: He is going to have to. He is going to have a lot more reps than he had last week just from the standpoint of needing to get Will Tye off the field, so that they are rested and are playing fast and are playing physical.

Q: What do you see as the area that Jerell can contribute and affect the most?

A: Well, he really does a nice job blocking, so he can Ė whether it be sealing the edge and keeping his hat outside to get us the outside on the outside runs or cutting off on the back side of runs. He does a really nice job in both of those areas. Where he is a threat is vertical, down the field and he needs to develop as far as his route running techniques, but just as far as having that vertical presence up the field, he can certainly be a threat in that area.

Q: Ben and Eli have talked about the fact that defenses have been using a lot of two-man coverages against you guys. How important does that make your group?

A: Incredibly important, to be honest with you. The way that you are going to beat those types of coverages is an inside leverage man technique with two high safeties. You have to be able to make out breaking routes and create separation from defenders. What we are trying to do is to try to find the best matchups and we need to win some of those matchups.

Q: You said that Jerell was a vertical threat. Why havenít you been able to get the tight ends kind of going down the field?

A: Just based on what they are doing coverage wise. Schematically, if you are playing single high and now you have opportunities of running and throwing seam routes Ė we havenít seen much single high this year, so you see more two. When that is the case, then you have to beat them in transition, so you have to get those linebackers to step up and then beat them beyond them and in front of the safety, so it is a little more challenging from a schematics standpoint.

Q: Will Tye is going to have to play a bigger role this week. Do you think he is ready?

A: He has been playing significant numbers the entire season and last season as well, so he needs to play well and play fast. An area that he needs to improve on is the communication and the noise. That is an area that he had an issue with last week, just to make sure that we are on the same page with Eli and the rest of the offensive line and receivers.

Q: What does he bring to the offense in your estimation?

A: Very good hands. He knows how to get himself open. He is one of those guys that we feel can match up well against linebackers as far as being able to create separation out of the break. He does a nice job in that area and he has a big body, so when he does play with good pad level, he moves defenders off the line of scrimmage. When he doesnít, which is a scenario that he knows he needs to improve on, then it will be a stalemate or the defender will fall off late. But overall this season, the entire group has done a decent job in the run game.

Q: Ben said that the toughest assistant coaching job is the coach who is coaching a unit that the head coach previously coached. What has that been like for you?

A: If you have played Ė for example, when I coached receivers and Coach Coughlin used to be a receivers coach, so it is always the most challenging when your head coach has coached the position that you are coaching because he has been through it and if the picture doesnít look right, so to speak as an analogy, you are going to hear about it.
they haven't given KGJ a lot to work with during the 3 year McAdoo era  
aquidneck : 10/7/2016 5:18 pm : link
Just an assortment of UDFA, street FA, an inherited and obviously flawed 4th rdc from several years back and this year's sixth rdc. And is it just coincidence Gil bride has coached positions previously coached by the team's last two head coaches? Somebody's trying to set this guy up with mentors.

Don't know if he's the teacher of the position Pope gets credit for being, but it's pretty clear he's used to communicating responsibilities, techniques and assignments and also areas of opportunity for improvement on an individualized player basis. He also gives the guys credit.

As the son of our former offensive coordinator I don't think he's held in high regard on this forum, but it's clear he's a lifer coach and I'd guess one on the ascendancy.
Dragon : 10/7/2016 6:05 pm : link
Our TE's need to get off the field to have fresh legs but our WR's need to be on the field for 65 of 67 plays?
We have a  
Phil in LA : 10/7/2016 7:57 pm : link
TE coach?
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