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Wednesday Media Transcript: Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/12/2016 5:11 pm
Head Coach Ben McAdoo

October 12, 2016

Alright, Baltimore. Starts on defense with Baltimore. They're a thick, physical and heavy handed unit; highly ranked in most major categories. It starts with their front seven. They're playing combative football upfront. (Timmy) Jernigan is playing at a high level; he's very disruptive. They have a handful of pass rushers that need to be accounted for. They're very smart and instinctive in the secondary and it's a veteran group there. Offense, they made a change at play caller this week so we need to be ready for anything and everything, and expect the unexpected there. They have a Super Bowl winning quarterback in Joe Flacco, surrounded by speed and physicality in all areas. Marshal Yanda is a guy who makes a go upfront for them. Steve Smith and Mike Wallace provide the physicality and the speed on the perimeter. And Dennis Pitta is a go-to guy for them when healthy. They use a running back by committee approach. Special teams, they have an NFL high of 10 blocked kicks over the past three seasons. They have a trio of specialists who are all Pro Bowl caliber and Devin Hester is as dangerous as ever.

Q: What do you think Coty Sensabaugh can bring to the team?

A: A veteran corner who's played a lot of football. He has a versatility inside and outside and we're glad to have him on board.

Q: When they make a play caller change like that, what do you have to pay attention to as far as trends?

A: I think he's been in the room with Joe for a little while and you have to be smart as far as how you approach the game. You really have to trust your scheme and your training that way. I'm sure that they'll still have things they hang their hat on schematically. Some tendencies may change and we'll see how the game goes.

Q: What's your expectation for Sensabaugh on Sunday?

A: We'll see how the week goes. He had a good start to the week today. We had him out on the field a little bit yesterday for an opportunity practice, typically reserved for some young players but he jumped in with both feet.

Q: Where's Jason (Pierre-Paul)? He didn't practice today; will he practice tomorrow?

A: We'll see how he goes. We'll be smart with him. We'll take it slow.

Q: What's going on?

A: He has a groin.

Q: What about Kennard? Is he in the (concussion) protocol?

A: He's in the protocol, yes.

Q: Assumed that happened on Sunday?

A: Symptomatic after the game, yes.

Q: How about Eli Apple and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie?

A: They're both sore. DRC was limited today, Eli did not practice.

Q: When you look at the ground attack, is it that you're down your two main running backs, is that the reason you haven't run as well? Or is it just execution?

A: I think it's a factor of a lot of things. The type of games we've been in the last two games. We had a chance to have a couple of runs come out in Minnesota. We got some nice runs in Green Bay; they're a tough team to run against, they defend the run well. They're top in the league and we're going to have another big challenge this week. They (Ravens) do a nice job against the run. They're ranked high in a lot of categories and they are a physical, thick unit. So, we have our work cut out for us.

Q: Is there any thoughts on getting Paul Perkins more reps?

A: We're looking and evaluating everything.

Q: Does Rashad Jennings have a better shot at playing this week?

A: Better than last week. Another week healthier.

Q: Was he limited again today?

A: He was limited.

Q: Do you need to see better play out of the linebackers or was the Packers offensive front and run game just tough to stop?

A: I think when you take a look at the run defense, it's really all three levels factor. You can't point to just one group or one position. It's a combination of things and when you let the big backs get rolling downhill on you, it's tough to win at the line of scrimmage.

Q: What has to change with the running game? And if you don't get Jennings back?

A: It comes down to blocking. We need to block, we need to stay engaged, we need to finish better. The backs need to see it clean and put their shoulders down and knock a hole through it.

Q: Do you characterize Sunday's game as a must-win or is it too early to make declarations like that?

A: A must-win? Every week is a must-win. That's what you're working for every week. You go out on the field, you put in your preparation, you practice, you coach. You try to win every game.

Q: When Eli has a bad game like he did Sunday, do you kind of step back and let him fix it, or how hands on are you with getting him back on the right track?

A: You flush last week and you move on to the next week. You put your time and your energy and your focus into the preparation and you don't listen to the noise out there.

Q: Do you change your approach with him at all?

A: No, we're very consistent with the way we prepare.

Q: With the pass rush, you guys are last in the league in sacks. What's going on there?

A: We've played some good teams. We've played some good offensive lines. Played some good quarterbacks and there are times when you pin your ears back and you go, and there are other times when you make a muddy A gap and try to push the pocket in there to not let the quarterback out. It all depends on the opponent.

Q: You have some talented guys who can attack the quarterback. Are you surprised about how that's gone so far?

A: Again, you look at it as a whole and you evaluate it each and every week, and this week is a new week.

Q: What went into the decision to switch OV and JPP and the sides they were coming from?

A: Game plan.

Q: In first and third quarters you've struggled. How do you start faster in those situations?

A: In which aspect?

Q: Scoring.

A: Scoring? Yeah, we need to score more points period. We had four 1st downs inside the 30-yard line, two of them were inside the 15 and we need to score touchdowns in the green zone. Whether they're in the 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, 4th quarter, we'll take them. We need points, we need to score touchdowns. Whatever we're averaging right now is not nearly good enough.

Q: When James Starks caught that ball at the 2:30 mark in the Green Bay game, you called the final time out and didn't challenge it. Wasn't there nothing to lose at that point by challenging the play?

A: You'd lose the challenge. I'd like to win them. I want to win everything we do. He's a competitor. I saw him catch the ball, make a football move and I thought we had a chance to come out with a fumble.

Q: Do you anticipate any personnel changes in the offense line?

A: All seven guys are working right now and we compete for jobs each and every week.

Q: Ereck Flowers says he expects to play the whole game. Is that the case?

A: You want me to tip my hand?

Q: Is there a disciplinary reason why he may not be?

A: He started in practice at left tackle today.

Q: If Jason (Pierre-Paul) is limited at all, you haven't really had a lot to see from his backups. What do you like about those three young guys at defensive end?

A: They come to work every day. Fundamentally, they're improving tremendously. They get a lot of reps at practice and they're improving.

Q: Are you considering not calling the plays?

A: Each and every week, we evaluate everything and I'm not going to talk about play calling duty.

Q: Is Darian Thompson any closer?

A: Yes, he's closer. He's making progress. Not ready again this week.

Q: How about Nat Berhe?

A: Nat's doing the (concussion) protocol.

Q: Larry Donnell practiced today. Will he be okay for Sunday?

A: He's doing the (concussion) protocol. Today was a non-contact practice for him.

Q: Have you given any thought to not deferring? Putting the offense out there and letting them get into a rhythm?

A: We evaluate it on a game-by-game basis. If we put our defense out there first, we expect them to get a stop.

Q: Kennard and Donnell are in the physical, non-contact portion of the (concussion) protocol?

A: Donnell is.

Q: Nat (Berhe) is not?

A: Nat is not, nor is Kennard. Tomorrow Kennard will be out.

Q: He was out here today on the side?

A: Correct.
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