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Wednesday Media Transcript: CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/12/2016 5:21 pm
CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

October 12, 2016

Q: How did you feel out there?

A: I felt alright. Just have to continue to hit it in stride. Main thing is Sunday. Just come in, get your treatment and get your work. You definitely want to be on the field during practice. Thereís nothing like getting in practices. Theyíre kind of like the game. Definitely want to be out there.

Q: You made the decision to go last week. How hard is that balancing that you know youíre not at full speed and what youíre putting on film is not the best because of the injury?

A: Itís very tough. You want to be 100 percent. Especially in this league with these quarterbacks. Itís just the game plan and understanding our opponent. Itís definitely hard not to be 100. You have that competitive edge. You see a guy out there fighting. Itís hard to just sit out and watch a ballgame.

Q: Is there a percentage of how you feel right now?

A: About 70, 75 (percent). We have until Sunday. Thatís a couple of days away so you never know.

Q: What were you coming of the field on Sunday?

A: About 40, 50 (percent). It was tough. You have to fight through it. I know there is a couple days in between the next game. You have time to try and heal up and get back out there.

Q: With them bringing Coty (Sensabaugh) in, do you think you can be more on the outside moving forward?

A: Heís an outside guy himself. He can play inside but I donít know how heís going to be used. I couldnít tell you.

Q: How big is this game on Sunday? A must-win?

A: A must win as far as getting back on the winning side. Just winning and getting that atmosphere of winning around here. This is a home game. You have this week and next week then you go into the bye week. Itís definitely a must win.

Q: Marty is the new offensive coordinator over there. How does that change things for them at all?

A: I knew him a little bit when he was in Philly. Run a little bit but take your shots. Thatís his mentality. Youíre going to see with the arm Flacco has, taking the shots.

Q: On Steve Smith

A: One thing about Steve Smith, Thatís an animal. You line up against him, you have to have your grown man on.

Q: Is he a big talker in the field?

A: Definitely. Heís a competitor. It comes with part of the game. You have to expect that. You know whatís coming. Heís always going to be chirping. You understand his ability. Heís the ultimate competitor. I just look at him like no matter what heís going to give you something.
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