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Friday Media Transcript: Cornerbacks Coach Tim Walton

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/14/2016 3:45 pm
Secondary/Cornerbacks Coach Tim Walton

October 14, 2016

Q: What has it been like to have a lot of faces cycling through your positions?

A: It is part of the business, part of the game. You just have to try and keep the next guy ready and hopefully we can get healthy soon.

Q: When you are banged up and there is a lot of uncertainty and then a veteran like Sensabaugh gets here, how long does it take to get a guy comfortable in a game situation?

A: We will feel good about it because he is a vet and has played a little while in the league and that is part of it, you have to get them ready. You have to be ready with injuries like that being inside, outside, different spots, so it just comes with it. But he is a smart guy, he works at it and he is picking it up pretty decent, so we will try to have him ready and prepared when needed.

Q: Will you use him more as an inside guy or an outside guy?

A: He has got to do both. Right now in the situation he has to do both and then it will all play out based on how healthy we get and who is where.

Q: When Apple has been healthy, how do you feel he has played?

A: He has done good. The last few weeks he has been dinged, so he has not been able to get the amount of reps that he wants. But he is making progress, we are pleased with him and once he gets back and able to play a full game under his belt and get back to the consistency, he will do well.

Q: Is Sensabaugh ready to go out there or will this process take longer?

A: He will be able to do certain things. Obviously he wonít be able to do everything, but he will be able to do certain things. Like I said, he is smart, he is a pro, he has been around it a little bit, so he will be able to pick up on some situational stuff.

Q: You know that opposing quarterbacks are going to go at some of the new guys. What do you say to your guys to prepare them for that?

A: Well, it is the next man up and they have to step up to the challenge. We have to do things to help them out and it is kind of a combination of things, but they have to be ready to play. You have to know the abilities and the techniques that we have to try to use to try and overcome some of those things. They are going to take shots at you, but we are going to be fine with it. You just have to coach it up and preach it up every Sunday to know how they are going to try and attack.

Q: How much have you had to lean on Janoris?

A: A lot because of the fact that he is the one that has been in there the most and has been the most consistent guy. The injuries have made us shuffle the deck a little bit, so we have had to lean on him a lot. He has played a lot and he is willing to accept the challenge.

Q: With what DRC has been able to do the last couple weeks, what has that meant to you guys?

A: It means a lot. He is gutting it out. He knows the numbers are low, so he gives what he can and he also knows that as a vet, he needs to see certain things in practice for just a few reps and to see some things just so if you come into the game you can handle it. Like I said, he is a pro and he has been pushing through it and he has done a great job. We are pleased where he is at with that and like I said, once we get him back healthy, we will be in great shape.

Q: It is pretty crazy how banged up DRC has been these last couple years. It seems like he has always been banged up.

A: Yeah, but like I said, we will keep fighting through it. I feel good that he is going to be able to get healthy real soon and be able to play and we will be comfortable once he gets back going because he gives us a lot of flexibility also when he is healthy on his different positions.

Q: Randall Cobb had a big game last week. How do you think you guys have done covering the slot this year?

A: Well, it has been fine. There have been different guys in there and they throw the ball outside also. They have been spreading the ball around and we have been juggling our lineup every week, so we just have to take it each Sunday and try to put the guys in the best position and then try to make adjustments as game time goes.

Q: Is that a tough spot with injuries?

A: Yeah, with everything because we have been down at the safety spot, so Leon (Hall) has done a little bit of that part also. You just have to move guys around with the numbers and try to make sure they get enough reps to try to see the position that could come up in the game. For us that is concerning and we just have to keep making game time adjustments based on who is available and who is not available for us.
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