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Friday Media Transcript: Wide Receivers Coach Adam Henry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/14/2016 3:48 pm
Wide Receivers Coach Adam Henry

October 14, 2016

Q: It seemed like last week you had the number of targets to Odell, Shep and Victor, but you didnít have the efficiency. Is it a situation where you are relying on them to make the most of every opportunity they can possibly get in those situations where the offense is struggling across the board?

A: That is with any game plan. When you go in, you have to make the most of the opportunities that you are given because at certain times you donít know if the ball is coming to you. So you have to have that mindset as a receiver. We just have to do better as a group in execution and precision in the pass game. It is a combination of everything, so it is not just one group or one person, we just have to play better as a group and as receivers.

Q: Victor Cruz is a guy with an impressive resume. He went out and had zero catches. As a coach, how do you have to handle that? Is that something you talk about with him?

A: No, he is very professional. Not once have we had to talk about that. We just talk about being in the flow of the game and being ready when the opportunity comes and he is very professional, he is always good, very business oriented in the way he goes about his business. My job is to put him in the right place to be successful. He is in a good place and the most important thing is winning, that is what he wants to do and that is what we all want to do.

Q: Why do you think it turned out that way? What factored into him not getting a catch?

A: A combination of things. Just the overall play. It is not one thing in particular. It is not him not doing well, it is not a particular group. As a receiver group we just have to play better. So it just happens. That is what happens.

Q: Why do you think Odell hasnít had quite the same impact on games as last year?

A: Again, a lot of people have tape on him and schematically, and overall, we started off good and now we just have to get it back, get some ĎVitamin Wí with some wins and just keep playing. It is a marathon, it is not a sprint, so we just stay the course.

Q: What has your role been in terms of counseling Odell?

A: That is with anybody, any player that I coach, once I coach you, I always coach you. So that is just part of the aspect of the game, him being in a good place and we are good, so that comes with the territory.

Q: Have you mentioned anything about Jimmy Smithís comments?

A: No, I never even mentioned it at all. Jimmy is a good player. I remember when he came out. The whole defense is good. We just have to go out and play our game, so whatever happens, happens. We will play our game and do what we need to do.

Q: Is the problem with Odell kind of like, getting a sense for what a pitcher is going to do after their first time through the lineup?

A: No, it is totally different because the receiver can move around and do a lot of things. It is just that sometimes at certain times it goes your way, and sometimes it doesnít. So it always comes back around, it always does. We just have to stay the course.

Q: How do you feel about Odell getting upset on the sidelines and kicking the net and getting a little out of control in the Vikings game? What is your role in all of that?

A: He is a very passionate player. I just tell him to stay within his game. He is doing well and he likes to win. He is one of the most competitive guys that I know. Not once has he asked anybody to throw him the ball or do anything. He wants to win and he is like all of us, so just stay the course and do what you do best.

Q: Has he always been like that? Even back at LSU?

A: He has always been competitive, always.

Q: Did you call it ĎVitamin Wí?

A: Yes.

Q: Did you come up with that?

A: I was talking to another coach; we were talking about that.

Q: And that is just getting a win?

A: Yup.

Q: I think a win would feel pretty good around here.

A: Always, always.

Q: Sterling has played mostly in the slot. What do you think he could do on the outside? Do you think that is a spot that he could play?

A: Yes. He played a little bit outside in Dallas in certain spots. Again, he is familiar inside, playing a lot of that in college with the short area quickness. But all of those guys have intangibles and we can move them around and things like that. When coaching receivers, you have guys who have a specialty and you want to have him in a good position, but then also he is going to play outside a little bit too.

Q: So is that something we may start seeing?

A: Most definitely.

Q: When we talked about that interchangeable thing with all three of those guys playing all three spots, that was always viewed as a positive. In the course of a game, is it hard to move guys around?

A: No.

Q: Is that within the flow?

A: Within the flow. Guys are smart, they are intelligent, they are professional. You can switch guys around and they will be comfortable with it.

Q: Tavarres (King) had a big preseason. We havenít really seen much of him. What can he bring?

A: He is working hard. He brings excitement. He brings speed, blowing the top off of the cover. So I am excited. He has been working hard, really, really hard and he is staying the course and it will come around and he will get his chance.
King answer is bull  
eliapple : 10/15/2016 5:10 pm : link
Eli threw to him once. That is main problem. Cruz,
Sheppard and OBJ are only ones targeted. We have 3 others.
Q: So is that something we may start seeing?  
Bluesbreaker : 10/15/2016 6:56 pm : link
Like the Playbook I think I have noticed two plays this
year that looked New .
Someone needs to start making play or sit them and
give Davis King and or Lewis some playing time .
The starters are struggling to beat the press coverage .
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