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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Victor Cruz

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/20/2016 4:11 pm
WR Victor Cruz

October 20, 2016

Q: Are you ready to go across the pond?

A: I am ready to go. We had a good day of practice today, and now we are ready to take a little trip over to London and play some football.

Q: (Odell Beckham Jr.): How does it feel to be the most fashionable man in the world?

A: It feels great being the most fashionable man in the world, as the glorious Odell Beckham Jr. asks. It is just a beautiful thing getting ready to wear your best clothing and prove it to the world.

Q: There has been a lot of stuff on Josh Brown that we have all read. What is your reaction to all of that?

A: Obviously, it is an unfortunate situation for all parties. But as a teammate, I am behind Josh Brown. I just want him to get himself right and make sure that he is able to overcome these things. It is not an easy thing, obviously involving his personal life. But as an individual, I just want him to overcome and see where it goes.

Q: What is the teamís stance on him as a teammate?

A: As a teammate, he is my teammate and that is all I know. His personal life is his personal life, but when he is in these doors and in this locker room, he is our teammate and that is the only thing we can go by.

Q: Obviously, the NFL is re-opening the investigation. Is there any concern in the locker room that they could suspend him any further?

A: I donít know. As a teammate, I donít control those things. It is not my job to think about those things. It is my job to greet him as a teammate and like I said, when he is within these doors and within these walls, we will treat him as such.
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