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Tuesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/25/2016 2:44 pm
QB Eli Manning

October 25, 2016

Q: A whole different feeling now going into the bye week?

A: Yes. Itís good to come off a win. Going overseas, itís a different week with all the travel and out of the country. Itís good to get a win there. Going into the bye week winning the last two is nice. We still know we have to make improvements and get better. Itís going to come down to how we handle the end of the season.

Q: Whatís your approach to this coming week?

A: I think itís a great time to get away. Get your mind away, rest your body and get healthy. Make sure you comeback refreshed and finish this season strong. Make sure weíre going forward and getting better these next few weeks.

Q: How do you approach the self-scouting process?

A: I think we definitely look at what weíve been doing and where we need to make improvements. You have to look hard at yourself. Look at anything you can see on film that the defense might be seeing. That way we can make adjustments.

Q: Difficult week for the organization dealing with the Josh Brown situation. Were you told any new information?

A: Nope. Have not been told anything and do not know the latest.

Q: How have you guys been able to keep that out of a distraction getting ready coming off a win?

A: We just have to worry about the game. Our focus is preparing for the next team. Going out there and doing our job. The guys have done a nice job of doing that.

Q: Have you gotten a head start on scouting the Eagles?

A: Watched a little bit today just to get a feel. Iíll definitely look at some during this week. Get a little jump start into the preparation for next week. Iíll definitely look at some this week and get an idea. New defensive coordinator and what theyíre doing defensively.

Q: How nice is it going into the break after winning two-straight?

A: Itís always good to have a break after a win. Having done it the other way, obviously thatís the bad thing about football. You always have a week between each game. Baseball, basketball, sometimes theyíre playing the next day or they only have two days to think about it. Two weeks after a loss to think about it, thatís a long time. Itís nice to go into the bye week feeling good about the win.

Q: How do you feel about things?

A: Well, we found ways to win football games. Thatís what you have to do in this league. Itís not always pretty or perfect. You could always play better. I think thatís always the case but are you winning games and finding ways to win? Thatís offense, defense, everyone coming around and doing what it takes to get the W.

Q: Whatís the one thing thatís working best so far and whatís the one thing you really want to fix in the second half of the season?

A: Thatís tough to tell you. The one thing is obviously offensively we need to score more points. Thatís the number one thing we need to improve on from the offense. We need more points. We arenít scoring enough. Too many turnovers also. Did a little bit better job of that last week. Protecting the ball. Those are two things we need to improve. Weíre finding ways to win. Every game weíve played has been a close one. It comes down to the last couple drives or the last drive of the game. Weíve won four of them. Thatís a good sign.

Q: Do you think the bye came at the right point in the schedule for you guys?

A: I donít know if there is ever a right or wrong time for a bye. They come and you go. Itís halfway in the season and thatís usually a good thing. Your body needs a little rest and a little time to recover. Get some guys healthy and refreshed going into the second half of the season.

Q: Do you have a feel about this team halfway through? Can it get to the playoffs?

A: Itís just a matter of how we play. You canít start dreaming about playoff time right now. We have to have our focus on Philadelphia. We have three home games coming in after the bye. Philadelphia is the next one. Thatís who are focus is on. Keep finding ways to get wins and itíll all work itself out.
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