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Tuesday Media Transcript: CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/25/2016 2:48 pm
CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

October 25, 2016

Q: How good does it feel to head into the bye on a two game winning streak?

A: It feels really good. To just have that win and come back to have time off to reflect. Just get away from football a little bit. It feels really good.

Q: Defensively, do you feel like you guys have ironed out some things the last couple of weeks?

A: We definitely starting to click and play a lot better. We still have a lot of mistakes that we have to get corrected. Once we do that, itís going to be special.

Q: Physically, you guys probably need the bye, but coming off the way you played Sunday, would you just want to get right back out there?

A: No, sir. No, sir. Definitely want the time off to get 100 percent healthy and get guys back. To just come back and hit the ground running.

Q: When do you start thinking about the Eagles?

A: Weíre already thinking about them. Itís a division game. Theyíre 4-2 right now and playing really well. Coming off a big win against the Vikings. Theyíre a hard-nose football team. Theyíre coming into your house. You already know they want to hit you between the two.

Q: The Josh Brown situation is still swirling around. What have been talking about since this came out? Have you been discussing this?

A: Not really. The main thing is to just try and keep focused on football. You reach out to him individually if you choose to. You just keep it between yíall.

Q: He was a friend of yours and a teammate. Have you talked to him at all?

A: You send him a text and give him time to reply. You donít want to harp on someone after a situation like that happens. You just give him time to just deal with it.

Q: While itís not your decision, would you like to see him stay on this roster or be cut?

A: I canít, I donít know to be honest. Everybody has their rules and regulations. I have no idea to be honest.

Q: Having been around this league, you know how good or bad bye weeks can be. Whatís your opinion on having this one now?

A: Itís kind of early. After this you have what, nine games left. I think itís a good time. It comes at a time when we need it. Right now, weíre going to come off this bye and have a three game home stretch. You have some teams that are in the division coming up. Itís at the right time. Just reflect on the mistakes that you made and try and get them corrected over the bye. Come back and hit the ground running.

Q: Can this bye stall momentum?

A: Itís kind of yes and no. Itís always good to rest the body and get guys back. When youíre on the momentum like this, on the high and playing really well, you just want to stay out there and keep playing. I think the time is needed for break.

Q: Do you agree with Eli that itís easier to go in with a win?

A: Definitely. Heís been around a lot of ball. He definitely knows. Itís going to be hard especially with the team we face coming back. You have to get away from football but keep your mind on it.

Q: Do you think you could have been physically ready to rebound and play after the trip to London?

A: Yes. We got back in time. Definitely have to take a day off and then in practice, keep it moderate. Donít just go out there and bang each other around. If we had to play, we definitely could.

Q: How do you approach the bye week in terms of self -scouting?

A: First, I look at myself. Look at the plays that Iíve made or didnít make and the mistakes that Iíve had. Then I put my mindset to my opponent and see what they see and how theyíre going to attack me. Then, I look at the defense as a whole. You definitely have to look at yourself first.

Q: You go against Victor (Cruz) in practice a lot. People thought he would never play again in this league seven weeks ago.

A: I never thought that. You know how you have friends on the outside and stuff. I always had people asking from the outside. I always told them that heís right where he wants to be. He knows what he can do and Iíve seen him. Iíve played against him and watched him practice. Heís still got that step to the ball, movement.

Q: He doesnít show any effects of injury at all?

A: No. Every time heís out there, you know youíre going to get 100 percent. You know youíre going to get heart out of him every time he steps on the field.

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