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Monday Media Transcript: General Manager Jerry Reese

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/31/2016 4:02 pm
General Manager Jerry Reese

October 31, 2016

Alright guys, the division is close with Dallas out front, as everyone knows. Were chasing them. We have a big game coming up this weekend against the Eagles. Ill just talk about the units a little bit.

I think the defense has shown signs of being a pretty good defense. Some things we need to do to be more consistent, but I do see some signs of a really good defense out there.

Offensively, we definitely need to pick up the pace in a lot of categories. I believe we did some things over the break and self-scouted a little bit to look into what is going on with our offense. Obviously, we need to run the ball better. We need to do better down in the red zone and score some points.

Our special teams, I think our punter has done a really nice job. People dont talk about him much, but hes done a nice job. In the return game, we dont get many chances in the kick return game but as a punt returner, we have a dangerous guy back there. We have to get him some chances and were hoping to do that. Ill open it up for questions.

Q: Do you believe the offensive line is good enough and did they surprise you in what they have or have not been able to do?

A: I think theyre good enough. I think we need to do better, obviously. We need to run the ball better. That starts with the offensive line. Our runners need to run hard in there, but the offensive line has done well so far. We can definitely be better, but theyve held up well.

Q: Have you spoken with any teams with the trade deadline looming?

A: Weve had some conversations, but theres always some chatter this time of the year.

Q: More or less this year, in general? The market?

A: No. Its always chatter. A lot of talk and not much action usually at the trade deadline.

Q: When you look at the offense, you could argue that your skill players are better than a year ago. You are, however, averaging almost a touchdown less than a year ago. What is the main reason?

A: Thats something our coaches looked at during the break. Hopefully we can figure it out this weekend.

Q: When you re-signed Josh Brown, were you aware that he was abusing his wife?

A: Im not answering or taking any questions on Josh Brown. I wish healing for him and his family and everyone involved. Thats all Im going to say about that.

Q: Is it fair to say when you look at the offense that the big problem has been the execution or lack of execution?

A: Its a combination of everything. Its personnel, its play calling, its execution. Its really everything involved. We have to put it all together and get going. I think we really have the right play callers and the right personnel. We just have to go out there and do it. We have to make it happen. We cant go out there and think its going to happen. We have to go out there and make it happen.

Q: Are you confident that the changes you discussed and plan to make that thats going to jumpstart everything?

A: We sure hope so. Well see this weekend when we play the Eagles. They have a good football team coming in here. Itll be a great challenge for us. We need to start fast offensively and put some points up there.

Q: You talk a lot about how much character means with this team. How do you reconcile having Josh re-sign and thinking character is important?

A: Im not taking any questions in respect to Josh Brown, okay?

Q: You did make the decision to re-sign him though?

A: Im not taking any questions in respect to Josh Brown, guys. Stop asking me. Im not going to take any questions about that, okay?

Q: Is there any reason why you wont take questions about that?

A: Because I dont think it makes sense for people to keep talking about that situation right now.

Q: We havent had a chance to talk to you about it?

A: Im not talking about Josh Brown, guys.

Q: Can you assess the rookies?

A: Sterling started off hot. He looked like a rookie a couple times like you see rookies do. Theyre up and down a little bit. Darian has had the injury. Perkins has flashed a little bit when hes had chances in there. Hopefully well get him some more snaps in there as well. Goodson, were hoping to get him in there. Hes played on special teams so far. Were hoping to be able to get him in there and see what he has. Hes probably going to be one of the linebackers of the future, we hope. We need to get him in there and see what he can do.

Q: Jerell Adams, the tight end?

A: Adams has flashed a little bit. He hasnt had many chances from scrimmage. Hes played more on special teams. Were hoping to get him in there as well.

Q: How do you think Ereck Flowers has played on the field and obviously in terms of his progress. His off-field maturity?

A: Ereck has done okay. Hes still a young player. I think hes 21 now. Hes played a season and a half. We think he still has a lot of upside. He will continue to improve.

Q: Are you concerned about his off-field incident in the postgame locker room a few weeks ago?

A: Im just talking about what hes doing on the field, guys. I think hes going to be a good player for us.

Q: All this trade chatter, is he your left tackle going forward?

A: Hes our left tackle going forward right now. Well keep all of our options open but right now hes our left tackle going forward.

Q: Hows Bobby Hart done on that right side when thrown in there?

A: Bobby has done okay. Hes done a nice job. Hes been a little inconsistent, but overall I think hes done a nice job.

Q: What would you say your goals are in terms of the divisional race with four games in the division still to go?

A: We would like to win them all. We like to win all of our division games. We have to play one game at a time. I cant remember when we beat the Eagles the last time. We need to get out here and play a good game on Sunday. Start with the Eagles.

Q: This bye week, how in-depth did you keep track of the other games?

A: Actually, I went to a college game this past weekend. Didnt keep track very much.

Q: A lot of people were complaining that there werent a lot of sacks with the defense. Are you seeing the defense, especially the front, come together and do what you hoped they would?

A: I think so. I think the frontsacks, I always say this about sacks, sacks are a little bit overrated. You want to get sacks but you just want to push the quarterback off his launch point. Weve been able to do that a little bit better. I think the last game we got the quarterback off his spot a little better than we have been doing. OV has been battling with the injury right there. Were hoping to continue to do that. Sacks can come in bunches. I think weve done a decent job getting the quarterback off his spot.

Q: Last night, the division showcased two rookie quarterbacks that have been playing pretty well. You have the oldest quarterback in the division. What do you see when you look at Eli?

A: I see a guy that is trying to get our team and our offense going. I see a veteran that knows what hes doing. Hes seen everything. We have a couple of young guys doing a nice job in the division. We should have the advantage because we do have a veteran quarterback and hes seen everything. These guys havent seen half the things that Eli Manning has seen.

Q: Have you seen any slip in him at all?

A: Its not all on Eli. Its everyone involved. Its offense, defense and special teams. Its personnel, coaching and everything. We all have to do better moving forward. Were at the mid-point of the season. We expect to get in gear. Its not like were behind the pack. Were right in the middle of the pack. We expect to gain some ground as we move forward.

Q: You did a lot to address the injuries in the offseason. How do you feel thats gone?

A: Its been up and down. You have injuries in football. I dont think its been as devastating as it has been in the past. Were hoping to get some guys back after this bye. Sunday, well have some more players out there to pick from to get on the 46-man roster for the weekend. We have some guys that were going to take slow and make sure theyre ready to go.

Q: How much do you take into account Elis age when youre making moves at the trade deadline? Hes 36. I mean, hes not going to play forever.

A: We just look at what his skillset is. We still think he has a good skillset. We can win a lot of football games with him.

Q: Im just talking about the window for him. Do you view it at all as we have X number of years with this quarterback?

A: Of course we do that. Were not really thinking about what his age is. Were just thinking about what his skillset is. How long does he have to play? Who could we get in line? Whos the next guy in line? Like you said, Eli is not going to play forever but we still think he has a lot of football left in him.

Q: How big a step has Landon Collins taken this year?

A: Landon has played well. Landon has held things together for us a little while there. We had some injuries back there in the secondary. I think at one point we had five guys out. Hes been a main guy back there holding us together. Hes played well. Im happy for him.

Q: You made some big offseason acquisitions. Its obviously only seven games in, but how do you view them at this point?

A: Jackrabbit has played the best probably of the group just stat-wise. Everybody is playing hard. I think Snacks is playing hard in there. OV is playing hard even though hes playing with an injury. Hes playing really hard in there. Keenan Robinson is also playing well.

Q: Do you speak with Odell as the season goes on or do you leave that to Ben McAdoo? Is he a guy you like to check in with?

A: I try to check in with all the players. Hes a young guy that weve spent some time talking to on different occasions about different things. We take turns trying to talk to him about different things.

Q: Are you comfortable with his maturation process?

A: We talked about it at the beginning of the season. It takes time for young guys like that sometimes. I think hes growing up. He just needs to focus on football and do what he does. Play football.

Q: How do you view his emotions?

A: Im not going to talk about that, guys. Hes a young guy. We just want him to play football and let his skillset show who he is.

Q: Do you have a grade for your team?

A: No. We just played seven games. We will grade this team after the season is over with.

Q: What are your biggest challenges and concerns going forward here?

A: Obviously we want to get the offense going. Again, I think the defense has shown flashes of being a really good defense. They have to be more consistent but without question we have to get our offense up and rolling.

Q: How have you as a GM helped provide support for a rookie head coach?

A: I give Ben all the support that I can give him. Ben is a big boy and a great communicator. Hes very smart and he works hard. Hes got this. Im not worried about Ben.

Q: Any regret putting Will Johnson on IR when you did?

A: No. Were not thinking about thingsthats in the past, man. It is what it is. Weve moved on. We think with the tight ends that we have they have to step it up and play better.
Thanks for posting Eric.  
smshmth8690 : 10/31/2016 4:11 pm : link
Pretty standard Q&A. I did like the Will Johnson question at the end.
So, does that mean the team is LOCKED-IN .....  
Manny in CA : 10/31/2016 5:09 pm : link

(The tight ends have to play better) - No fullback, period.

Oh yeah, the "hated one", Reuben Randle, is not around.

New York Giants, 6th best offense (2015); 24th in 2016

Not good.
The real cancer of this franchise  
GiantTerp79 : 11/1/2016 12:02 am : link
For any BBIer still under the impression that Jerry Reese will build a perennial contender this interview should show you he is in way over his head. Avoiding Josh Brown comment because he knows he f-ed that up royally. Avoiding the fact that the LT is a potential draft bust because he ignored that fact that everyone thought he'd be a solid RT because his technique isn't outstanding and now reports surfaced that he's not the most coachable guy. I'm sorry but hitting on Landon Collins and Odell Beckham and singing Jenkins is vastly outweighed by numerous 2009-2013 draft disasters, letting Linval Joseph and Martellus Bennett walk with nothing behind them to replace them, and signing Josh Brown to a $4 million deal is just too much. If I owned any kind of company and Jerry Reese was my general manager I would have canned his ass two years ago. Just because he's a GM of a football team doesn't change the culpability of his shitty results and therefore his undeniable responsibility for what we have watched every Sunday for almost a decade. Get off of my f-ing team!
I don't know why I read these things  
Gman11 : 11/1/2016 1:48 pm : link
They offer no insight. Just a bunch of talk without saying anything.
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