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Monday Media Transcript: S Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/31/2016 4:07 pm
S Landon Collins

October 31, 2016

Q: Can you sum up the season youíre having?

A: I feel like Iím doing very well this season. Learning wise. Just knowing what Iím supposed to do, and having accountability. Do what I can for my team. Just do what I do best to help the team and get the defense off the field.

Q: Jerry Reese said he feels like youíve held the defense together, the secondary in particular due to some of the injuries. Do you feel like that?

A: I donít know. They put a lot of stuff on my shoulders. I have to be accountable for that. I take that with a lot of responsibility. Being one of the guys that takes more snaps in the back and stuff like that. With a lot of injuries, the guys look up to me to make the right calls, be in the right position and where to help out, stuff like that. I take full responsibility for what Mr. Reese said.

Q: Do you take ownership of this defense? Do you feel like this is your defense?

A: I wouldnít say that. The only time I would say that is if I have the ĎCí (captain) on my chest. Until then, itís not my defense.

Q: Is that something that you want?

A: One day, one day.

Q: Iím sure last year wasnít the easiest thing to go through, while you were going through it. As much as you played, and some of the struggles you had. How tough was that for you?

A: Very tough. Coming to a new defense, a lot of new faces that didnít have the defense before either. A lot of rotation with players, and a lot of injuries on top of that too. It was very tough. Not knowing what we were supposed to be doing and not playing very sound defense.

Q: Now that you look back on last year, how much did the experience help you this year?

A: Tremendously. I see things 10 times quicker than how I saw them last year. It definitely helps me out.

Q: You go to London and make that play and it results in two-straight wins. How have these last few days been like for you? Youíre on such a professional high?

A: I take it in stride. I had a great weekend. I got to go see my little man. It was his birthday. I take it in stride. Iím blessed that the Lord gave me that and got us that win. Just go from there.

Q: You must have heard some nice stuff about that interception return this past week?

A: Still hearing about it. Iím ready to continue to keep making more plays. Thatís not just one thing I could do, one great thing I could do. I can do a lot more. Just try and change it up this weekend.

Q: You donít want to be told that thatís your one big play I guess, right?

A: Right. Definitely. You want to be known for miraculous plays.

Q: Odell went through that with the catch, right?

A: Yes. Heís still going through that. We know Odell. Heís going to do fantastic things. Heís accountable for doing those things. We expect those things out of him.

Q: Did you watch the game last night?

A: No. I went bowling last night.

Q: Howíd you do?

A: 150 for two games straight. Then, my girl beat me in the last game.

Q: You let her win?

A: No, she beat me.

Q: On Nick Saban.

A: Last time I talked to coach Saban he said he loves his job. He loves where he is. He loves to teach. Make boys into men. He loves to be in the college atmosphere. I donít think he wants to come back to the NFL.

Q: Can you imagine if he was your coach here?

A: I cannot. Itís different. You are kids, and then youíre messing with grown men. I donít know. He yells at us over there. A lot of men are going to yell back.

Q: Coming off the bye, you have Philly first game back, could it be any better? This is what itís all about, right?

A: It is. Division game, very important game. Itís two points for us. Itís always good to get ahead in the game. They have a great record and we have a good record. Weíre trying to be one of those teams thatís on top at the end of this road.

Q: Where do you think this defense can get better?

A: Third downs. Weíre making it a key concept to get off the field on third downs. Weíre getting off the field, but we want to make it a point to get more Ďthree and outs.í Have their percentage be at least under 35 percent.

Q: Exciting when you go out to practice and see everyone there?

A: Yes. You get all your guys back. Catch a breath of fresh air. You know when you have one guy down another guy will step up. Itís not like the two safeties that we have back there are the only two we have.

Q: How good can this secondary be when you have all your pieces?

A: Tremendous. Weíre trying to get in that top-10 bracket. After the Saints game, we went down because all our DBís were going down and not getting that same excitement back there. Now, weíre getting them all back. Itís going to be very exciting this week.

Q: In practice do you ever get a break?

A: No. In practice I donít ever come off the field. I get as much knowledge as I can. When we get on the field, things change. As much as I can see I can react faster.

Q: Whatís the challenge of Carson Wentz this week?

A: Mobile. Mobile quarterback. Has a great arm. Keeps his eyes down field. Great vision down the field and can make things happen.
They have a great record and we have a good record.  
BobOnLI : 10/31/2016 4:11 pm : link
Liked the Saban comments  
DonQuixote : 10/31/2016 4:24 pm : link
Go blow up a few guys on the Eagles  
Jimmy Googs : 10/31/2016 4:49 pm : link
for us please.

Sproles and Matthews would be my preferences...

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