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Wednesday Media Transcript: WR Victor Cruz

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/2/2016 4:33 pm
WR Victor Cruz

November 2, 2016

Q: One of the things that isnít going for the offense is the running game. What as receivers can you guys do to get that going?

A: Just make sure that we block our guys in the run game when we have our assignments on who to block, just make sure that we get on our blocks so that the running back can see creases and see holes and get to where they are supposed to be with the ball in their hands. But as receivers, all we can do is focus on our guy to block and then take it from there.

Q: How good is it to come off the bye, get some rest, and have such a big game ahead of you?

A: It is a good feeling. Obviously, we want to go out there and win. It means nothing, the bye means nothing, the rest means nothing if you donít go out there prepared to win a football game, but we feel good. I think that everybody has their legs up under them a little bit and we are just excited to get things going in the division this weekend.

Q: I know that the injury happened in Philly, but is there any meaning for you in playing them for the first time since that game?

A: A little bit. Obviously, in the back of my mind I think about it, but it is different circumstances, a different year, but I would be lying if I didnít say that it is in my mind at some point, sure.

Q: Are you pleased with how you feel and how you are performing?

A: Absolutely. I feel really good about where I am right now, I feel good about what I have done so far within this year, and I just want to continue to build on that and continue to go upward and not the other way around.

Q: You have been around for a couple of years now. Is a Giants versus Eagles game different than any other game and if so, how?

A: Very different. Just obviously being a division game, so we understand the level of execution that needs to go along with that, but against Philadelphia it is always going to be physical. It is always going to be a game where you are going to leave that football field being exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally, you are just going to be spent. But, you just want to make sure that when that clock strikes zero that you are on the winning end and you have more points than they do, but this rivalry and this game is one that always takes it all out of you.

Q: Is that a positive coming out of the bye? That it gets your attention right away?

A: Yeah, absolutely. Especially coming off the bye, you want to make sure that you arenít dragging your feet and sluggish that first quarter, that first couple drives. You want to get out there and really attack them and really set the tone for the way the rest of the game is going to be, so we are focused on that and obviously we have a couple more days of practice to hone in on that, but we feel pretty good about it.

Q: I know you havenít played in a bunch of them, but they have had a lot of success against you guys. How do you explain that, and is there any common thing that you can put your finger on?

A: I canít really put a finger on it. It is just one of those things. Every game is different, every game has its own storyline and unfortunately, every time we have played them, they have gotten the better of us, at least in recent years. We just want to change that. We want to obviously go out there and have that in our minds and as we go out there and play in the game we are thinking about that and we want to change that stat line and get on the opposite end of it.

Q: How much is this a different Eagles team than you have seen in the past?

A: A little different, at least offensively. Defensively they still look and feel the same. They are still very physical up front, their front four is very, very physical. On the back end, they have (Malcolm) Jenkins who is a guy that can come down and play the box and be physical in the secondary. (Rodney) McLeod on the back end has been playing very well. Defensively they look like the Philly team that we are used to, the physical, downhill team that we are used to. So we just have to be ready for that, understand that, and be able to combat that with execution and production.

Q: You said that you want to keep on going up. How much can you go up?

A: There is always up. I havenít had a 100-yard game yet, I havenít had seven, eight catch game yet, so I just want to continue to build and take what is there for me, but I definitely feel that there is some play out there for me.

Q: Is the old Victor Cruz still there?

A: He is still there. He is still there. I love talking about myself in the third person. It is just a matter of getting him in space and getting him the ball in the right positions and I think we are going to do that in these upcoming weeks.

Q: Victor, it was back in 2012 where Victor Cruz unofficially burst on to the NFL scene. What does he remember about that game?

A: He remembers everything about that game. He remembers going up against Philly and being nervous. It was my first start in the NFL, period, and just being super nervous and just wanting to go out there and put my best foot forward. Obviously, I did that. I think that I had four catches, over 100 yards, and a touchdown. He played fantastic that day, so we just want to continue to do more of the same and see if we can bring that Victor Cruz on Sunday afternoon.

Q: Have you reached out to Derek Newton?

A: I have not. Not yet. I heard about his injuries. Both [patella tendons] which is a crazy thing to even fathom, so I am going to reach out to him probably this week going into the weekend, see how he is doing and check up on him.
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