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Wednesday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/2/2016 4:43 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr.

November 2, 2016

Q: How are you feeling?

A: I feel good. Somewhere around 85, 90 percent. Getting there one day at a time.

Q: What do you think you were in London percentage wise?

A: Probably like 65 to be honest. It was pretty close to a game time decision. They were like, we have eight minutes to turn it in. I was warming up. I think I slipped on the second or third route. I didnít know if I was going to make it through the game. Thankfully I did. We got a bye week that came at the right time. Had some time to recover and get worked on pretty much all break. Iím just about 85. Almost back to normal so to say.

Q: These guys come after the quarterback. They have 22 sacks so far this year. How can you guys slow them down?

A: Get open, hit them with something quick. Just being effective in everyway on offense. Running the ball. Just wearing them down. Theyíre a great defensive line. They definitely get to the quarterback and get after him. Everybody has to do their part.

Q: How excited are you coming off a bye with such a big game at home?

A: I mean; Iím just as excited for every other game. Definitely a big game. I donít think Iíve beaten the Eagles since Iíve been here. Itís perfect timing. Right around my birthday time. Pretty much on the birthday. I always tend to rise to the occasion around my birthday time. Hopefully we have a big game. We definitely need this win.

Q: Why do you think you have statistically better success in the second half?

A: I think itís because people wear down. Iím a guy that Iím going home, today, Iíll go home and do two hours of some type of rehab, pre-hab. Make sure to stay on top of my body to make sure that when it gets to the back half of the season, I still feel like itís Week Two pretty much every game. Especially coming with a bye week dead in the middle it gave me another week. Pretty much Iím going to be feeling fresh the whole year. Hopefully that stays the same, everything stays healthy and you donít get nicked up as much. I feel like I tend to do better towards the end of the race.

Q: Is there anything Xís and Oís wise that youíre able to adjust to? Maybe how teams are game planning against you in the second half?

A: Yes. Weíre doing the best that we can right now at finding ways to move around. Not let them double so much. Even at times running the linebacker underneath. Itís definitely tough. Itís tough to go against and itís tough to want to be successful. Youíre faced against some great obstacles. They play a lot of one-high man. Hopefully we can get them in a lot of one-high man and see what happens.

Q: Are you expecting some changes to the offense in the second half?

A: Well, weíre 4-3 right now. As long as we keep winning, I donít know if anything needs to change. Definitely expect more of myself. Making all the plays that you can make and taking advantage of every opportunity that you have. I feel very focused heading into the second half of the season. I think this team does as well.

Q: How much would you be open or enjoy being in the slot more?

A: Iím all in to move around, cause controversy and make it difficult for the defense. Getting in the slot, it allows you to get a different look. Itís tougher to double some one in the slot. It leaves too much open. Hopefully I get back in there. We have a great slot guy right now. All three of us could go in there. Pretty much go wherever they tell you to go. Run what weíre going to run.

Q: The pre-hab and rehab stuff is that something that youíve learned from being in the NFL?

A: Yeah. Itís kind of after I pulled my hamstring. I kept trying to work on my hamstring and work on my hamstring. Obviously, your body compensates. It was never a hamstring problem. It was a spine stability problem. Your hips were getting off line. Iíve been doing it pretty much ever since Iíve gotten hurt. Iíve stayed on it. It sucks but itís worth it. Youíre investing money into your body. You may be taking free time to do other things in that case but I care that much about this. Iíve sacrificed those hours to give myself the best me.

Q: How much did you spend your bye having to deal with that? Or was rest just the answer?

A: It was definitely rest. It was a lot of two, three hour sessions Ė 5:00 a.m. sessions. Just doing whatever I can to get back and get healthy. I definitely increased from after the game. After the game it was horrible. Riding back on the plane I couldnít find a way to lay down. I couldnít really do anything. Itís not so much a hip as it was an ab muscle or right along that line. Iím feeling better. Just trying to keep improving.

Q: How close to 100 do you expect to be this Sunday?

A: Iím at 85 right now. Thatís what I feel is the right number. You can kind of still feel it when you reach certain ways or twisting your torso and stuff like that but it feels 10 times better. Iím able to practice which is the best part. Itís never fun not being out there, thatís for sure. Weíll see Sunday.

Q: Is there anything youíve learned about Ben McAdoo good or bad in your dealings thus far?

A: I donít think heís changed going from assistant coach to head coach. If anything, heís still trying to figure out exactly how he wants to do things or whatever the case may be. He observes a lot. I could tell heís a very observant person. Heís always watching. He may not say something at the time but heís always watching. Iíve been with him since the jump. Itís pretty cool to still have familiar faces that are around. I think heís doing a pretty good job for his first season.

Q: How about your dealings with him when you were going though the penalties and stuff?

A: I donít think anything has changed. Same conversation we would have today that we wouldíve had weeks ago. I donít really think anything has changed.

Q: How important was it for you to play that game?

A: It was right there. Warming up, I even had doubts in my mind. Whether or not itís actually safe to play with what I had. Again, Iím going to do anything I can to help this team at any point in time. It would eat me up even more if I didnít go out there. At least try. We pretty much work our butt off everyday to go out and play these games on Sunday. I definitely wouldnít want to spend it on the sideline and watch my team go out there, have fun and feel insignificant. I want to be able to be a piece of the puzzle. I feel like I was able to help out and do whatever I could on Sunday.

Q: What do you envision the final nine weeks of the season?

A: I envision us starting to win more games. Making that playoff run. First and foremost, taking care of these division games. Let the rest handle itself. All we can do is be the best team that we can be and see what happens. Havenít been to the playoffs yet. I would love to be playing in January. I guess we will see how we finish up.
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