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Thursday Media Transcript: ST Coordinator Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/3/2016 3:48 pm
Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

November 3, 2016

Q: How has Robbie Gould fit in?

A: Heís fit in fine. Heís a pro. He did a good job on short notice coming over (to London). Good job by Zak and Brad getting the operation down. Maybe he had 20 kicks before he had to go kick a real one. It was good.

Q: How stressful was that?

A: We got him over and we went and worked early on Saturday before practice. Just had to get some kinks out. Showed some tape and the operation. As long as they just go on their rhythm, it ended up being fine. The snap was there and the hold was there. Just had to worry about kicking it.

Q: How much do things vary from kicker to kicker?

A: They have a different number of steps but everyone at this level is pretty much times. Itís in the realm where you want it. Sometimes kickers want the ball held a little bit differently. Brad is a good holder and good at adjusting to different kickers, which heís had to do.

Q: What about the kickoffs? A few seemed short?

A: Thatís just the way it is. He had one touchback and then we kicked off from the 20. We had two other kickoffs. We had to kick a couple.

Q: The Eagles special teams have been very good regardless of their roster changes. Why is that?

A: They have a very good core and they have good returners. Darren Sproles is excellent. Their two kickoff returners have done well this year, Huff, Smallwood. They have a good scheme, good coach and good players. Theyíve had a pretty consistent core, too. A lot of the same guys. Theyíre good players. Itíll be a good challenge.

Q: They cut Huff today. How much of an impact is that going to make?

A: I donít think it will. They have a deep and talented roster. Theyíll put someone in there. The scheme has been good. Itíll be a good challenge.

Q: Dwayne Harris has fair caught a few around the five-yard-line. Is there a hard-and-fast rule where guys fair catch and donít?

A: You canít really give a hard-and-fast rule. Some punters, it bounces at the six and now youíre starting at the two. Try and preserve as much field position as you can. We always say around the eight. You have to know where you are. Obviously you donít want to get back there, catch it, try to return it and have something bad happen. You have to make good decisions, which heís done for the most part. You canít always bank that itís going to bounce into the end zone. With the Aussie punt, that usually bounces back.
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