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Thursday Media Transcript: DE Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/3/2016 3:58 pm
DE Olivier Vernon

November 3, 2016

Q: How does Carson Wentz compare to Dak Prescott as a rookie QB?

A: They both in their own special way have their own talents. Heís good. He can make some good throws and get out there. You wouldnít expect him to make it as far being a rookie but he makes good throws. He plays like heís been in the league for a few years already. Thatís a credit to him. Itís going to be a good ball game.

Q: Spags was saying that you sometimes see a rookie quarterback and automatically get excited as a defensive guy. Does he not live up to that because of the way heís been playing?

A: Yes. You wouldnít think that heís a rookie quarterback just watching the plays, how he progresses into his throws. Just the decision making that he makes. Heís a good player. Good football player. We have a good game to look forward to.

Q: He seems to have a sense that when itís time to get rid of it, he getís rid of it?

A: Yeah. Like I said, good decision making. He knows when to get the ball out and when not to make mistakes. Itís going to be a challenge for us.

Q: What have you seen from their offensive line?

A: They have a good group of guys. Theyíre probably missing a couple of guys but theyíre still blocking and working good as a unit.

Q: How do you and JPP decide what side to be on?

A: Just depends how weíre feeling. Just depends on that.

Q: So you donít even know how youíre even going to line up there on Sunday?

A: It just depends on what JPP is thinking and what Iím thinking.

Q: How much did you line up over the right tackle in the past before the season?

A: Like one time. One play.

Q: How much of a change has that been for you then?

A: Itís a big change but we just have to make it work.

Q: Making that work on the fly, too?

A: Hey, you have to be a pro, man. You have to be a professional. Whenever you get put in different situations you have to make it work.

Q: Whatís the biggest difference from the two sides?

A: Just playing the left side or the right side. Thatís it.

Q: Is Carson Wentz one of the most advanced rookie QBís that youíve seen in some time?

A: I mean coming in, itís not usual that you see a rookie QB coming in and making those types of plays. Heís done that. Theyíve won a good amount of football games. Thatís why theyíre where they are right now. They have a good football team weíre going against this weekend.

Q: The game you had against the Rams, did you get the feeling that you turned the corner in terms of getting healthier and being the dominant force that you can be?

A: The biggest thing is getting healthy during the season. Everyone on the team thatís banged up. Youíre going to be banged up during football season. The biggest thing is having everyone ready. Itís a long season. We have another second half to go. Just feeling better. Feeling better than I did a week ago.

Q: How do you feel that you have done in terms of pressuring the QB and disrupting offenses?

A: As long as we are getting wins, thatís all I care about. As long as we get the wins and we go with a win in the win column, thatís all I care about.

Q: What about facing a rookie tackle. As an experienced guy like yourself, there has to be something you can take advantage of, right?

A: The whole cohesive unit on the offensive line, all those guys have been pretty solid. Trying to protect the quarterback. Just putting pressure. Pressure on the tackles and the inside guys. Everyone as a defensive line working together as a unit will make things happen.
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