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Friday Media Transcript: DL Coach Patrick Graham

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/4/2016 4:32 pm
Defensive Line Coach Patrick Graham

November 4, 2016

Q: How do you think JPP has played? When you see 1.5 sacks, can you still be a good sack guy in this league?

A: I think what heís doing is being disruptive in terms of rushing the quarterback and making him uncomfortable in the pocket. I think heís been doing a good job of improving in terms of pressing the edge and trying to force those guys to deal with him on the edge instead of any type of moves they may have off of that. I think definitely to be able to get sacks but the biggest thing for him is being able to disrupt the quarterback. I think thatís how he sees it.

Q: The more JPP and OV have played together, have you seen that chemistry continue to develop?

A: I think as a group, whoever the four guys that are out there for the most part are starting to grow into their roles and understand how theyíre going to play with one another. I think that gives them a little bit of freedom as theyíre out on the field to be able to work off of each other a little bit. The more they play together, the more comfortable they get with each other and the more comfortable I get with them. I think you can always expand on the roles that guys are going to have. I can see that coming as we go.

Q: How did it come about, switching sides with those guys?

A: Really, to me thatís part of strategy and how we look at it in the d-line room or us as a staff. What we try and do each week is what is best for the team and how we can win the game. Iíll probably keep that between us and whatever they say to you.

Q: Do you see OV getting to the point where heís not concerned about that wrist yet?

A: Iím not going to talk about injuries or anything. Thatís on the injury report. I think OV has been out there. Heís doing a good job hustling and making a lot of tackles. Affecting the quarterback and doing all the things Iím looking for from the defensive end. By this point of the season, everyone is banged up a little bit. You have to work through your injuries during the season. You have to keep pushing for your teammates and Iím proud of him for that.

Q: What do you think Robert Thomas can bring to the table once heís back acclimated?

A: When I look at him as a player and evaluate his skillset, I think his explosiveness, quickness and speed. I know those all sound pretty similar but as Iím evaluating those again, explosive in terms of being uncoiled and really not the tallest guy in the world but being able to uncoil someone and generate some power. His lateral quickness is also something he can use whether itís on stunts, games, whatever it may be. I think just from there, heís a smart football player. Once you have those things, as coaches you try and figure out what he does best, how can we utilize it. Those are some things that I value.

Q: Why do you think the sack total is not as high?

A: I expect to disrupt the quarterback and win games. As long as we keep winning, Iím good. As long as we disrupt the quarterback and make him uncomfortable, Iím good. The numbers, Iím not concerned about that. I havenít been ever and never will be. Except for the W.

Q: You think you have disrupted the quarterback more than you have not?

A: I think weíve done what weíve needed to do to win the four games that weíve won. Those four games, I think weíve disrupted him. Can we do more? Yes. In the three games we lost we definitely couldíve done more to disrupt the quarterback. I think thatís the goal every week. We keep evaluating each week and trying to get better.

Q: Devon Kennard what do you like about his skillset up front?

A: Heís a smart football player. He works hard every day and heís out here every day practicing. In terms of his skillset, you have a guy that has a longer build to him. Plays strong and has some quickness and a burst. Those are things that you love to utilize in the rush or up front in general. Whether heís playing outside backer or end, itís really similar. The positon on the field is really similar in todayís NFL.
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