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Friday Media Transcript: DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/4/2016 5:05 pm
DE Jason Pierre-Paul

November 4, 2016

Q: How surprising is when you look at Carson Wentz on tape and he's only played a handful of games yet has made few mistakes and has been effective?

A: I'm not surprised. As a professional football player, you should be doing the wrong things. He's been playing really good so far, so our job is to stop the run and get to the quarterback.

Q: Darren Sproles is pretty slippery and they're using him more in the running game. What are the challenges in dealing with him?

A: A lot. I played Sproles a couple of times and he's a very good running back. He's a very shifty guy up the field and down the middle, he's that type of runner and you got to respect him. I'm pretty sure we're going to do a great job with it.

Q: He's supposed to be an old man but he still runs well.

A: He's not too old if he's running like that (laughs). Shout out to him.

Q: How does Wentz look as far as inescapability from the pass rush on film?

A: I'm not even worried about that, I'm worried about going out there and playing some good football; probably some of my best ball Sunday. Each week is a week to get better and that's what I strive for. I'm not worried about the quarterback, I'm just worried about going out there and playing good football.

Q: Psychologically, the Eagles have won a lot of your games in the last decade. Is that a mental hurdle?

A: Being the second half of the season, guys know that it's crunch time now. We know what we have to do and that's all we're worrying about.

Q: Coach Graham said that itís more important to be disruptive on the quarterback than the individual sack numbers. How do you view that?

A: We're doing a great job this year getting to the quarterback, stopping the run. It doesn't show on film because of the sack ratings but we know what we're doing over here. Sacks come, I know sacks are coming. Until then, we're just going to continue doing our job and as a long as we keep winning games, I'm fine with it. Our job here is to get to the playoffs that we've been missing for the last four or five years. That's what we're trying to do here.

Q: Do you think you should get a mark on the board every time you guys draw a holding penalty?

A: Guys are going to hold. We can't go in a game thinking they're going to give us holding calls; I sure don't go into the game thinking that. I expect myself to get holds, at least a couple of times a game and itís the referees job to call it. If they miss it, you can't complain about it just go on to the next play and play some football.

Q: But when you do draw a penalty, that essentially is a sack in your mind?

A: Guys mostly hold for different reasons. You can't say it might be a sack. Most of the time, when they do hold a guy, either they shot past him or is just holding him, who cares. Like I said, I don't really care about that stuff. I'm just going out there doing my job and if they hold me, they hold me; that's up to the refs to get the calls right. If they don't, we got tremendous fans out there that will tell them. I'm not too worried about that, neither is the rest of my crew.

Q: Do you think it's a good match-up for you guys against their offensive line?

A: It's a division game. It's a great match-up and this is what we live for, to play games like this. It's a rivalry game. Everybody knows the Eagles have a wonderful front line, but we got one too. We're just going out there to play some ball. Our fans are going to be in the game, we're going to need them a lot this week. That's how we're going to do it. Defense is going to be ready, offense is going to be ready. Like I said, it's each individual person, just go out there and do your job and donít try to do extra and do other peoples jobs. We'll be fine.
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