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Post-Game Transcript: WR Roger Lewis Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/6/2016 6:41 pm
WR Roger Lewis Jr.

Postgame vs. Eagles – November 6, 2016

Q: When did you realize that you were going to play a lot more this week?

A: I didn’t really realize it. Maybe when we came back from our break. Coach Sully was like, ‘Hey, lets go, it is time to go. I want to see you do that (touchdown) dance.’ So that was when I kind of got a feeling.

Q: Did they tell you why you were going to get more looks?

A: No, they just said that it was time to go. I didn’t know if that meant that I was going to play more. It was just time to go, so that is it.

Q: Are you looking forward to your first non-touchdown catch?

A: I already got one last week. But I just want to score touchdowns. That is my main goal, to score touchdowns and make sure we win – give it all I have got and that is about it.

Q: What do you think you add to your offense?

A: I think I just add a playmaker. That is it. My playmaking ability from college is still adjusting in the NFL because it is kind of different. I want to be able to be a playmaker. I kind of feed off of guys like Odell. When he scored I was like, ‘Hey, I have got to go get me one.’ So with me being an undrafted guy, I am going to have to play with a chip on my shoulder and be able to make plays. That is it.

Q: If you are going to have to get one whenever Odell gets one, you are going to have to get a lot of them.

A: I kind of feed off of everybody. I am watching Odell, not even just in the game, even in practice. I have watched every rep that Odell had ever done in practice, Victor Cruz has ever done in practice, Sterling Shepard, so I am watching those guys and learning from those guys every day, but especially Victor Cruz and Odell.
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