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Post-Game Transcript: WR Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/6/2016 6:44 pm
WR Sterling Shepard

Postgame vs. Eagles Ė November 6, 2016

Q: Was this a game of big plays?

A: Yeah, definitely. It was a game of big plays. We knew that we were going to have to do that coming in. We knew that they had a physical defense, so we had to do our part to get open.

Q: Did it feel like they were being a lot more physical than you are used to?

A: No, not really. That is what we saw on film from those guys. Like I said, we knew that they were going to be a physical group of guys, so we knew that we had to bring our boxing gloves with us, so to say. We knew that it was going to be a physical game going into it, so that is what we were prepared for.

Q: How does it feel to come out of the bye, get a win and building on the two wins you had right before the bye?

A: It feels really good. We just have to look to the next game now. We have put this one behind us. It is a huge win for us, but now we have to put it behind us and stay on track. We have been on an uphill slope from here, so we have to keep going in that direction.

Q: On the effect of the self-scouting and film study over the bye week being a key factor in the game.

A: I feel like that worked out. I had a guy on me that I didnít think was going to be playing on me, but I knew it was a possibility. But yeah, it was what I expected.

Q: (from Odell Beckham): Great game today, Shep. How does it feel to get back in the end zone? I know it has been tough, but you found a way to do it. It was a phenomenal catch.

A: Yeah, it was great, man. I had to fight through the contact and we got in there, but I am not going to take any more questions from you. Thank you.
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