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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/9/2016 5:32 pm
QB Eli Manning

November 9, 2016

Q: Monday night game, what are your thoughts going in?

A: Itís a big game for us against a good team. Theyíve been a playoff team the last few years. Their offense can score points and their defense has some veterans. A lot of experienced and really good players. We just have to make sure we play sharp, go out there, have fun and continue to make some plays.

Q: Whatís your reaction to what happened last night in the election?

A: No reaction. Keep going. I have a game to play.

Q: What do you see out of a guy like Andy Dalton?

A: Andy has played well. I think heís played great football these last years, since heís gotten in the league really. Heís taken his team to the playoffs. Running that offense well. Heís a smart guy and makes a lot of throws. I think heís done a great job. Heís fun to watch. We donít always play the same opponents but heís always excited when you see them, their offense because it is explosive. They do a lot of different things.

Q: What are your thoughts on the new Ring of Honor members, who will be honored at halftime on Monday?

A: All of them I have a special bond and relationship with. All of them are very deserving of getting recognized for their contributions to the New York Giants. They all have a special place in my heart, all three of them. Wonderful people and they did their job at a very high level.

Q: Do you envision seeing yourself there someday?

A: Hopefully. That would be a great honor. Right now, Iím just worried about playing in a game.

Q: The passing game has gotten a lot shorter over the past few years. How does that change the pass protection? Do you feel less pressure?

A: Thatís the goal. To see if we can get the ball out quickly and get it into a playmakerís hands. You have to mix up. You have to hold the ball some. Our goal is to get the ball out fast and get it out quickly. Donít put that offensive line in a bind where youíre doing a lot of seven step drop.

Q: What does expanding three guys wide do or the offense?

A: You get some guys in there. Things that they do well, you can use their strengths. You put guys in certain situations, move them around and create different concepts based off of what skillset guys have. Like to have lots of receivers, move guys around and game plan to try and give us our best matchup.

Q: Do you think it is too easy to figure out what youíre doing when you go three wide?

A: I think a lot of it is with Roger (Lewis, Jr.). Heís played well and played well in the preseason, training camp and OTAís. Heís making a lot of plays. Heís come in, played well when heís gotten reps. Just try and keep a smaller set of plays for him. Plays where he knows he can go out there and play fast. Each week just keep expanding his role. He can be anywhere and everywhere. Guys have to step up. Whether we have Odell hurt or Victor hurt. Some guys have been banged up. Weíve needed guys to step up in there. Make sure that guy has to play and heís ready against certain things. Now, he could be called on a little bit more and heís ready to play.

Q: With Victor, could a little less be better for him?

A: Iím sure he would say he wants to be out there every play. Thatís how receivers play. Whatever the coaches do, thatís what we have to do. Whoever they want out there at certain times. Give guys breaks, give them rest. It can be good as guys get older.

Q: How has Brett (Jones) and Adam Gettis stepped up so far?

A: Obviously Brett came into the game and played well. Heís a guy that has experience and knows what heís doing. Heís played some already this year. I think those guys will be up to the challenge to go out there and play well.

Q: Three game winning streak, what has the key been for you guys?

A: I think just getting games in the fourth quarter and making plays down the stretch. All of them have been a little bit different. Theyíre not all perfect. Each one you leave saying, ĎWe couldíve definitely done things better.í Youíre going to say that after every game. Just proud of the way the guys fought and found ways to win games. Thatís what itís all about. Just making plays at critical moments. The defense has done a great job; offense has done our part. I think weíre protecting the ball better; defense is getting turnovers. Thatís always a big help.

Q: What do you think of the way that Landon Collins has been playing?

A: Landon has been great. I donít see every play on defense but you see the interceptions some of the big tackles and sacks. Some of the big plays heís making. He seems to be around the ball a lot. Itís good.

Q: Is this what it looks like when a young player starts to really break out?

A: Knew he was a talented player. Last year, saw it. That second year, the first year you come in, thereís a lot going on. NFL defense is a lot more complex. Defense is thrown at you. Youíre maybe thinking a little bit and you might not make the plays that you normally would make. Now, you see him flying around and totally confident in what heís doing. The results show on game day.

Q: What was your reaction to Trump winning the election?

A: No reaction. Woke up this morning, saw it and went to work. Started getting ready for Cincinnati.
What is with the Trump Questions  
shelovesnycsports : 11/9/2016 5:38 pm : link
Did Fox News do the interview?
RE: What is with the Trump Questions  
Joey in VA : 11/9/2016 5:43 pm : link
In comment 13211564 shelovesnycsports said:
Did Fox News do the interview?
Eli is the unpokeable bear and they keep trying to poke him.
So no one is going to ban this guy  
mattlawson : 11/9/2016 8:22 pm : link
For starting a political thread?

Insert Dunce cap  
Bluesbreaker : 11/10/2016 12:51 am : link
So no one is going to ban this guy
mattlawson : 11/9/2016 8:22 pm : link : reply
For starting a political thread?


Like who the hell wants to talk about the Election on this
Foot Ball portion of the Website .
If anything at all its a place to escape the friggen
politics did you not get enough yet ?? Uhg

Eli is like saying F-Off in his own quiet way .
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