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Thursday Media Transcript: CB Leon Hall

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/10/2016 5:24 pm
CB Leon Hall

November 10, 2016

Q: Is there any part of you that wants to show the Bengals that they made a mistake and that you should be back there?

A: No, not really. I donít look at it that way. I could see how you would or could do that but for me, Iím just trying to see what I can do for the team, come out with the win and go from there.

Q: How hurtful would it be to be inactive for it?

A: I havenít even thought about that yet. It would be unfortunate but at the end of the day, going into this week, I knew that was a possibility. It would suck for sure. Just as much as it did last week. It would obviously be nice to be out there and make some plays, but weíll see what happens and how the week pans out and what happens on Monday night.

Q: Were you surprised last week to be inactive?

A: A little bit. Caught me off guard a little bit. It is what it is. Kind of just roll with the punches.

Q: Is that a first for you?

A: It is. As far as a healthy scratch.

Q: The coaches mentioned they wanted to get three safeties up as a reason. Do you still feel they didnít like how you were playing?

A: No, I really took it for what they told me. I would hope they wouldnít lie to me. Theyíve been pretty honest since Iíve been here. I took what they said for face value.

Q: Are they working you exclusively at safety now?

A: Iím still kind of all over the place. Itís what Iíve been doing generally since Iíve gotten here.

Q: Youíve played against A.J. Green in practice. How would you describe him as a player?

A: A problem. Heís a big problem. Thereís not a lot he canít do. He can run the short routes, heís agile enough to run some bigger routes and stuff like that. He can pretty much do it all. He goes up and gets it, he can run. Heís pretty strong at the point of attack on press coverages and stuff like that. Everyone knows what he can do week in and week out. Heís done that for years now. Itís going to be a challenge for everyone.

Q: Do you see similarities between Dez and A.J.?

A: I havenít seen Dez as much as Iíve seen A.J. I never like to get into comparisons, especially with someone like A.J. I couldnít even tell you who Iíd compare to him in the past decade. It would be like trying to compare someone to Calvin Johnson. You just canít do it.

Q: When teams have had some success in controlling him, what have they usually done?

A: You have to switch it up with him. You canít just leave him alone. With all the great receivers, I think thatís part of the recipe for success. You canít just keep rolling up to him because heíll figure that out. You canít just play Cover 2 or Cover 1. You have to have a variety. At the end of the day, it really starts with the quarterback. You want to keep him on his toes, keep him guessing and hesitant to affect some of those throws.

Q: What about A.J as compared to Odell?

A: Theyíre obviously different types of athletes. A.J. is a little taller. Everyone likes to categorize the taller or little, smaller receivers. Obviously theyíve both been productive since theyíve gotten into the league. Both have great hands and can run really well. Beckham probably does a little bit better with the shorter routes. Gives a little more quickness.

Q: What does Andy Dalton do right when he gets it going?

A: Once he gets his timing going, itís impressive to watch, especially the past few years. Heís had a lot of options at wide receiver and a couple of threats out of the backfield. Obviously tight end. Once he getís it going and spreads the ball out, itís pretty impressive. The numbers that heís had year after year for the past few years has been a compliment to the work that heís put in. Obviously a compliment to the people that heís had around him.

Q: What are the emotions for you going up against your old team?

A: I donít know. I havenít really dealt with that yet. I think maybe once Sunday, Monday comes around, weíll see how that goes. I donít see it being too much of a problem for me. Itíll be nice to see some of my friends that Iíve developed over the years over there.

Q: Marvin Lewis said that you and your family hold a special place in his heart?

A: Thatís my guy. Obviously, Iíve been there for a while. He was the coach since I got there. We do a lot of stuff in the community together. Definitely a good relationship there.

Q: How do you feel you played prior to the bye?

A: I thought Iíve played decent. I missed tackles that I would like to take back. Obviously some plays that I would like to take back. Definitely, a lot of room for improvement.
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