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Friday Media Transcript: OL Brett Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/11/2016 3:59 pm
OL Brett Jones

November 11, 2016

Q: Excited for your first start here?

A: Iím just preparing like itís any other game. If I get to go, just try and treat it like any other one. Itís just like any other game. Itís a Monday night game, so definitely excited for it.

Q: Is there a CFL equivalent to Monday night?

A: Maybe Friday night football. It doesnít have the same as Monday Night Football, no.

Q: First start since the Grey Cup?

A: Yes, it would be. The last game I started would be the Grey Cup game a couple years ago.

Q: What do you remember about that game?

A: That was one of the best games to play in that I ever played in. Those are some great memories that I have with those teammates. I cherish that game.

Q: What do you see when you look at the Bengals?

A: The Bengals are a very good front. You say that almost every week. Every team youíre going to play in the NFL has a very good front. The Bengals are a very good team. You have to be prepared for what theyíre going to bring. Especially with each player. Definitely a good front.

Q: How much better are you than when you first walked in here?

A: From the first day to now is day and night. Just learning the game. There is a lot of nuances to the game that you donít even realize. Just playing with one yard in Canada versus no yard here. Itís definitely a lot different.

Q: Was that a big adjustment, the one yard to no yard?

A: Definitely. Just the way you set and go about looking at the angles and stuff. Itís a lot different. Those are some things that I had to adjust to. Iím just working on those things every day.

Q: How different is your preparation for this game?

A: I just prepare like Iím going to play. When it gets to be my opportunity, Iím not going to waste it. When I got my chance to go in, I was going to prepare each game like I was the starter. Thatís what I think Iíve done for the last nine weeks. Thatís what Iíll keep doing as the season goes on. Iím going to prepare every week like Iím going to start. Whatever happens, happens. These guys are relying on me to know what Iím doing and to keep winning. Those are things that I really take pride in and would like to keep up.

Q: Are you really this calm about starting an NFL game?

A: I just try and look at it as any other game. Itís a big game because itís the next game. Definitely being in Canada, everyone would get excited for Sunday and Monday Night Football. Especially at university. We would go after practice and watch. Itís a big game. Itís just a big game because itís the next one. My teammates are riding with me. Iíll go out and do the job, whatever that job is.

Q: Have you heard from a lot of people back home?

A: I try not to talk about it too much. My buddies back home and the guys I played with, they all ask. I donít say much. Itís just another game. I just tell them they have to tune in. Theyíre going to watch anyway. Itís Monday Night Football.

Q: Have you thought about your little Monday Night Football intro?

A: I would probably just say the university I went to. Everyone always laughs when I say it. The guys that have played there and been announced always laugh at what they say. The University of Regina. What did he say? Thatís definitely what I would say.

Q: Is Monday Night Football generally big in Canada?

A: Definitely. Itís an excuse to hangout with the guys and do stuff. Thatís what we would do. The CFL doesnít play Sunday or Monday. Sometimes they do, but not often. Those are the NFL days. Those are the games we always watch. Thursday nightís, we watch them all. You dream about playing here. When you get a chance, itís very cool.

Q: Does you not feeling overwhelmed about starting an NFL game show how far youíve come?

A: Definitely. When you look at something far in advance, maybe your emotions get away from you. I just try and stay in the moment and stay focused. Donít let the situation get too big. When you go out there, you just go one play at a time. Just keep working. I think thatís the key.
oldog : 11/11/2016 6:10 pm : link
BBI said you would never make it. Not everyone, of course, but we are all behind you now.
Love the way he plays to the whistle  
rasbutant : 11/11/2016 10:05 pm : link
in just slightly beyond it.
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