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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/16/2016 7:12 pm
QB Eli Manning

November 16, 2016

Q: It is a quick turnaround. You have Chicago coming in on Sunday, theyíre struggling. What do you see when you see them on tape?

A: I see a good defensive front and a good defensive line. Theyíre getting a lot of sacks. Quarterbacks are having to move in the pocket a bunch. They do a good job of throwing the quarterbacks off rhythm. Theyíve played good defensively all year. They have a good plan. Weíve got to make sure weíre sharp. Itís going to be a tough game. We have to prepare for that, go out there on a short week and make sure weíre preparing well. Everyone is learning the game plan. Today we had a walk through. Tomorrow is our one full speed practice and we have to take advantage of it.

Q: Ben was just talking about the difference between interceptions where the ball is just an errant throw and then interceptions that come from a poor decision. The second pick you threw the other day, how do you view that pass?

A: Just a bad pass. I donít think it was a terrible decision. He wasnít wide open but I think I had a chance to get it out there far enough to give him a shot. The ball did not go where I wanted it to. Try and get a shot. Thought if I threw a better ball, had a chance for it.

Q: Other than when Victor is out there, you guys have a lot of young receivers. How do you mesh and build chemistry with those guys?

A: Guys like Roger and TK, Iíve practiced with them all spring and all training camp. Got a bunch of reps with those guys, probably more than I did with Victor because of some of the injuries and different things he was dealing with. We work, we communicate, we talk a lot. We go through walk throughs and jog throughs. I test them. I give them different signals, checks and other things to make sure they know what theyíre doing and are prepared for everything. All of them are prepared and doing good things.

Q: Won four straight, do you have to talk to the other guys about a possible letdown?

A: No. We have to go about our business. I have to make sure Iím doing my part and getting myself prepared. Getting everyone prepared for what might occur. Get with the coaches and make sure weíre all on the same page. You learn quickly in this league. If you donít prepare for the upcoming game, youíre going to get embarrassed. I donít look at records. I look at Chicagoís defense and I see a good defense. I see a good defensive line, good players, good scheme. Theyíre going to have a good defensive scheme and we have to be prepared for it.

Q: How do you feel like youíve done with ball security this year?

A: Obviously, we have some interceptions and we have to fix that. Have to make sure weíre not turning the ball over and putting the defense in a bind.

Q: How difficult is it to have a Sunday game after a Monday Night game?

A: You just kind of miss a day of practice. You turn around quickly. Today, I thought we had a good, mental practice today. At this point, halfway through the season, weíre not putting in a whole new offense. A lot of it is dressing up things. You have a few concepts but itís routes youíve thrown and things youíve done before. Weíll know what weíre doing. Itís just being able to go out there and play good football.

Q: How do you feel it has been working Victor back in?

A: I think itís gone well. I think heís done a good job. Victor, I was comfortable with him outside. Heís played outside before when we were in regular personnel in the old offense. He was outside. Iíve thrown all the routes with him. I think heís done a good job in his routes. Our timing has been on point.

Q: Were there hiccups on getting that back?

A: Sure. Thereís always hiccups. You have to work on things. You have two years off of football. He had to get back to being sharp on his routes, being disciplined and catching. Itís always a work in progress and I think heís done really well.

Q: How do you think Tony Romo has handled himself and what can you say about him?

A: I didnít see the press conference but I heard about it. I thought it was a classy move by Tony. Good thing to try and end the talk and the speculation. Just go ahead and clear things out. Iíve always had a lot of respect for Tony but I thought it was a good move by him.

Q: How hard do you think that is?

A: I donít think it changes anything. He sees the situation. You have a young quarterback and Dak is playing great football. Theyíre winning games. I guess he knows that you just donít mess with that.

Q: Did you feel for him?

A: You always feel for guys that are injured. To lose your spot because of injury is tough. Feel for him. I know Tony will do the right things and heíll be ready to play.

Q: Is that why you decided to never miss a start?

A: Yes, maybe. I donít want to lose my spot.

Q: Is it too early in the season to be looking at the scoreboard?

A: It doesnít do any good to look at the records. You have to win the next games. You have to be prepared to. Weíre in the situation that we are. All we can worry about is our record and what we can do every week. Unless youíre getting to the last two games of the season where something might dictate something else, even at that point you still have to go out there and win the games. We have Chicago and weíre preparing for Chicgao.

Q: You and Dallas each have three games to play before you play each other here and if you get one behind of them when you play, you would have a chance to take over the division lead. So you donít look at who they are playing and who you are playing?

A: No, you just have to worry about us.

Q: Do you have the freedom to change any play?

A: It is all kind of within the system. I am not picking plays out of a hat. It is all what I have been coached to do, what we talk about in the quarterback room and having a plan. Different looks, what things we want to get to, so we prepare for four minute situations, what looks they may give and what runs or passes or things they like versus certain things, so it is all being coached and talked about.

Q: So there is never a time where this is the play and you from that from hell or high water?

A: Well, there is some of that also. But there might be little tweaks, how you the change the blocking scheme or what not, but yeah there are some plays where they call it and you run it.

Q: You are one of the few players who has been here for a championship run. Are you starting to feel that with this team?

A: Well, just understand that it is fun. It is fun winning games, getting on win streaks and being in a situation where you feel like you are playing good football. These are exciting times. Hey, when you know every game does count, they all count, but when they count towards making the playoffs it is fun to be in these situations and looking forward to these next seven games.

Q: You are facing off against another veteran quarterback this Sunday. What have you seen from him?

A: I havenít watched much of the Chicago offense, but Jay has a big arm, strong arm, can make all the throws, can scramble around and is a smart guy. He is going to know what to do with the ball and so the defense has to be prepared for that. They like to push it down the field and he always was a good deep ball thrower, so we have to be prepared for those things.

Q: Does a dropped pass impact where your next throw is going to go?

A: No. It happens, it is part of football and it is like a missed throw. If I make a missed throw, it is not going to affect where I go the next time. If someone drops a pass, I usually try to go back to them fairly quickly if possible, but not forcing it, just keep going through the progressions.

Q: Is that to keep the receiverís confidence up?

A: Yeah and I usually go up to them on the sideline and obviously with a young guy you want to make sure Ė certain guys you know it is not going to bother them because they have been through it before. But a young guy, you want to try and just let them know, ĎHey, I am going to be coming back to you. We are going to hit a big one. Be ready.í

Q: Do you think this game is one that you have to remind everyone not to take anyone lightly?

A: You just have to be careful looking at record. They donít mean a whole lot. You look at games that they have played, they have played a lot of close games and I look at their defense. You look at their defense and you donít see that record. I see a talented front seven that is getting sacks, that has good scheme and a lot of offenses that are not moving the ball well on them, so I am preparing for that type of game where we have to play smart, protect the football and find ways to score points. I am expecting it to be a tough afternoon.

Q: Are you interested to see how this team handles this third home game in a row?

A: I am looking forward to the game. I donít try and overthink things. I try to prepare, go out there and try to play well and donít try to overthink things.
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