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Thursday Media Transcript: DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/17/2016 3:27 pm
DE Jason Pierre-Paul

November 17, 2016

Q: How important is it to stay focused and look at this football team and say, ĎHey, I know the Bears are coming and they donít have a good record, but we still have to play football.í?

A: We have both been on that side of the stick, so we canít take them lightly. Coach McAdoo has been preaching that all week. We had a short game Monday night, had a quick turnaround, but we canít take them lightly. They are going to come in here and they are going to give us all that they have got. We are going to give them all that we have got, so it is going to be a tough, physical game. They are striving for a win, they are hungry for a win, things just donít turn out the way they planned, but they are going to come in here and we are going to give them all that we have got and they are going to give us all that they have got.

Q: A chance for the first time since 2010 to win five straight ball games. What do you think?

A: We are just trying to win games one by one. We donít care how we win them. Our goal here is to get to the playoffs. We have to take each game one by one and that is what we are doing.

Q: Jordan Howard is a rookie, but he has over 600 yards rushing. He is making a pretty big impact for them. What do you see when you look at him?

A: He is a good running back. Fast cuts, quick decision making in that backfield, downhill runner. He runs a lot on the outside. You have to be patient with him. We face some good running backs and we have seen some good running backs this year, so I donít think it is something that we canít handle. We are just playing our part and doing what we have to do Ė setting the edge and playing the run up the middle should take care of that.

Q: Is this defense starting to be like a Giants defense again? The way it was in the old days.

A: I think we have room for improvement. There is always room for improvement. I just think guys are getting it. We are all getting it. It is a one game winning streak basically. You win one game and it is on to the next one and that is what every guy out here is doing. We have that mentality and on defense we are just hunting. It is all 11 men to the ball, it could be one person on the other side. If they have a blue jersey or a white jersey, they will be running to the ball and that is what you will see on film.

Q: What does it mean taking Alshon Jeffery out of their offense for you guys?

A: It doesnít mean anything. We are all professional athletes and we know that each week you can probably go down, so the next person needs to be ready. So I am pretty sure that they have something in backup. You canít depend on one guy on the team, one guy does not make the team.

Q: Do you feel like this defense is starting to get it?

A: It isnít the system. I am just saying that we are starting to get each other chemistry wise. It is not the whole system. Coach Spags does a great job of calling the plays. It may not be the best play, but he calls the plays. Guys want to make them right and if we are not in the best position, he calls plays to make us right. But he is doing a great job and guys are getting it and guys are communicating with each other. That is the biggest part when it comes down to defense, it is getting the communication right and that is what guys are getting.

Q: Odell said that this is a championship defense. Do you agree with that?

A: I agree, but letís slow down for a minute. Like I said, our job this year is to just get in the playoffs, take it one game at a time and hopefully at the end of this run in the regular season we will be in the playoffs. That is the whole goal here.

Q: Cutler is not afraid to throw it long. That means that he may hold on to the ball longer. Are you aware of that?

A: Hopefully he holds the ball a little bit longer. Then he has me and OV to deal with and the two tackles, maybe, but if he does Ė I am pretty sure that Cutler is a smart quarterback and once he gets rolling, he is rolling. You canít let that fool you. I know that their record doesnít say it, but they are a good team. But we know what we have to do Ė get to the quarterback, play the run first, canít forget about the run because they have good running backs back there and that is all we are going to be doing. We are not too worried about Cutler. We have to be, but our job is to play the run first and get to the pass second. But as long as we keep playing good ball, we will be alright.

Q: It looked like the old JPP swatting those passes on Monday.

A: No, that is just me playing football. It is no old JPP, it is just me playing football. I know it is coming, so why not get your hands up. Most guys donít do that, but I would rather get a batted pass or something than not getting to the quarterback at all, or a tip or something. Anything can happen when the ball is in the air like that.

Q: Do you feel like you are close to what you were?

A: I am close to where I am. You look on film and I am all over the field, man. That is something that you canít coach. You have to have a heart and nobody can give me that. I guarantee you that if you pop in the film, you will see me running to the ball more than any player. I feel that as long as I can do that, I am good.

Q: You were a little shaken up at the end of the game. Are you all good physically?

A: I am going to be okay, man. I have been through worse. It is going to take a lot of injuries to hold me back. One or two I can deal with, it is nothing.

Q: What was it.

A: Nothing. (Laughs) There you go. For the 2016 season to 17 I am going to be on the field no matter what, so you will probably hear that JPP is not going to practice, but I will be out there on Sunday.

Q: In the past you have been very confident of this defense and now you are responding to Odell saying that this is a Super Bowl defense with, Ďletís slow down for a minute.í

A: We are just not rushing it. I am not saying we should dial it back. It is just that we know what we have here, we donít need the hype. Odell sees it, we all see it. There is no need to speak about it. I think that one game at a time is the best way to go about the situation. I donít see Super Bowl and I donít see not getting to the playoffs. I see one game at a time and I think that will decide for us.

Q: Justin Tuck said that he reached out to you and talked about building chemistry with OV. How much have you taken that to heart?

A: Those guys I always talk to. Tuck knows that. I had a private conversation before the game, not before the game, but the day before and he told me a lot of things. It is good to see all those guys. Just seeing Tuck out there, it brings me chills a little bit because I used to play with that guy and he is retiring now. I remember in year seven, he used to be like, ĎMan, my ankle is hurting.í Now I am in year seven and I am saying the same thing, so I know. I used to be that young cat. Who knows how much time I got left to play this game called football, but at the same time he just told me to enjoy it and that is what I have been doing. Same thing goes for (Kiwanuka); he was out there on the sidelines. Just seeing those guys gives you the chills because you know that you have been through a Super Bowl with them and what it took that year to get there. So many memories, so it is basically play the game and let loose. That is basically what he said and chemistry, too.

Q: How proud are you that you have been on the field and are making an impact?

A: I think that when you play the New York Giants defense, you have to game plan against me and just knowing that guys are game planning against me, it is just a wonderful feeling because if they donít, bad things are going to happen. Bad things are going to happen, regardless, but it just makes me feel good and I always had that confidence of just playing football no matter what. Even with my hand injury, I still had that mentality. You could have taken the whole thing and I would have been out there with a nub just doing it. That is just the mentality that I have got, man. That is basically it.
Man...I love these JPP interviews  
dancing blue bear : 11/17/2016 3:42 pm : link
he has the perfect attitude these days. and i think the dude is hilarious as hell. Contradicts himself within a sentence, but you still know what he's saying. Sounds weird, but sometimes he reminds me of iron mike tyson when talking

If you don't game plan against me...bad things are gonna happen. bad things are gonna happen anyway
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