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Friday Media Transcript: Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/18/2016 3:46 pm
Head Coach Ben McAdoo

November 18, 2016

Q: Expected to be a huge weather change for Sunday. Do you take that into account?

A: Yes. We look at the weather.

Q: Does that change anything?

A: Both teams have to play in it. Weíll be ready for it.

Q: One of their players talked a little trash this week. Do you get into that bulletin board material?

A: Iím aware of it. I donít respond to it.

Q: What if your guys do it? Does that bother you?

A: Iím aware of it. I donít respond to it.

Q: Where has Sterling Shepard made the most strides since you drafted him?

A: Probably learning the pro game. Learning to get himself ready each and every week. Iíd say thatís probably where heís made his most progress. He was a guy that came in here conscientious. When heíd make a mistake, heíd learn from his mistakes. Heís really putting a couple of good weeks together here. I look forward to getting him better as the season goes on.

Q: I wanted to ask you again about the touchdown route that Odell ran in the game last weekend. Is there a reflection in there about the maturity in his route running in terms of when he first got in the league, would he have been able to run that route that well?

A: Yes. He was a good route runner when he got into the league. He was very good down the field. Heís gotten better short to intermediate. Heís really had to work there and heís done a nice job there. It shows that heís not just a speed player right now. He has some patience in his game and thatís encouraging.

Q: Is the speed game alone what makes those long routes easier? Maybe those were more polished or easier when he first came in? What is the challenge of improving the short game?

A: Itís just a different type of detail. When you can get up the field, get running and get on someoneís toes, he has natural instincts down the field that way. Sometimes the shorter things are the tighter they can get and the harder they get.

Q: In the red zone does that make him more potent?

A: Yes, absolutely. Especially with the attention that he gets, everything he does has to be precise. Thereís not a play that goes by where he doesnít get doubled. He really has to push, be precise and be patient with what heís doing.

Q: Where would you characterize his maturity level from when you first met him until now?

A: I think heís doing a great job. I think heís in a great spot right now. I really donít know a good answer for that question.

Q: Have you taken notice that youíve won six games thus far? That is the total of the past two Giants teams?

A: Weíre looking forward to playing Chicago this week. Thatís what weíre worried about right now. Itís a short week of preparation. We caught up and are right where we need to be at this point in time. Weíre looking forward to fresh Friday today and a launch day tomorrow.

Q: That specifically hasnít been brought up?

A: No.

Q: Do you think putting Eli under center more has helped the run game?

A: I think when you get more attempts at the plate you get an opportunity to be under center more and in the gun a little bit more. I think it helps everything.

Q: Did you see an edge or a difference in Rashad Jennings leading up to Monday and in the game on Monday?

A: I think Rashad is a big back that wants the ball. If you can give those big backs a chance to get going, get their shoulders downhill and get them a couple of carries under their belts and they have a chance to get into a rhythm, look at what happened at the end of the game because of that.

Q: What do you expect Victor Cruzís role to be when he returns?

A: I expect him to be a big part of what weíre doing in the receiver room.

Q: When you have a run like you have going right now, can you describe the part of handling prosperity and keeping yourself focused on the task at hand?

A: When we got together in April, we talked about our biggest challenge. We talked about it again this week and itís handling success. Being able to stay in the moment and focus on what we need to focus on. Being where our feet are and getting ready for a game Sunday at 1.

Q: Do you think youíre close to putting a full game together and asserting yourself as clearly the better team? Maybe not having it be close at the end.

A: We talk about it. We want to start fast. Thatís important to us. We want to get a little bit better each and every week. We play the game as it unfolds. One thing is important that we all recognize in the room, the locker room and the meeting room and on the field on Sunday is that it doesnít matter how the game unfolds. All three phases are capable of making a play to win the game. We have those types of players in the locker room. We expect them to play that way on Sunday with that edge and confidence one play at a time.

Q: Do you feel that youíve improved from month to month?

A: Weíre working to be a better team this week than we were last week. We want to be better in November, obviously, than we were in October. This week, especially coming off of a primetime game in a short week, we needed to dial in yesterday and Wednesday. We did a nice job of it. We were dialed in today and tomorrow is really going to be a big day for us. Itís the second day of practice this week. Itís important for us to be dialed in a little bit better and find a way for us to win on Sunday.

Q: You talked about being able to run on the Bengals d-line at the end of the game because they were a little bit tired. Is that a concern for you considering JPP and OVís snap counts are way up there.

A: I donít know if itís necessarily play-count total as much as it is sequence and when it happens during the course of the game. Thatís not a concern for me.

Q: Are you a believer in the idea that the mental part of the game matters at key moments and on the football field?

A: I believe what goes on between the ears plays a big factor in the outcome of everything that we do.

I used to think it was mainly the political reporters and commentators  
plato : 11/18/2016 4:19 pm : link
that were the lowest third of the class, but sports reporters and giant beat guys really ask some stupid questions in the past 15 year. The curve is really downward even for the print guys who used to be tolerable compared to the the tv idiots. I don't blame the coaches who get annoyed. I thought I detected our current head coach getting more annoyed (Coughlinesque) this week with the level of the questions but maybe I just cant tolerate the MSM.

Ive been interviewed for TV more than a few times, and I always was amazed how they patched together what you said and then asked a different question on the air and played your answer to something else that seemed to fit. I guess the whole media group is getting more arrogant and ignorant.
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