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Post-Game Transcript: WR Victor Cruz

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/20/2016 5:38 pm
WR Victor Cruz

Postgame vs. Bears, November 20, 2016

Q: Odell had a pretty quiet game. Were they doing anything different with him?

A: Iím not sure. Obviously there were some coverages that were more his way. I think itís just how the game unfolded. Early on we got the running game going a little bit. We were feeding off that. Just gauging to see how the defense was playing us. I donít think it was anything crazy that they did. We were just taking what was in front of us and moving the ball down the field.

Q: Do you expect more teams challenging you and Sterling Shepard to beat them?

A: Weíre up for the challenge. This is why weíre here and why we play. We understand that thereís going to be games where Odell is going to be seeing a lot of coverage and attention. Shep and I and the entire receiving corps, weíre ready to step up and make plays. When the time comes, we have to be ready.

Q: First five-game regular season winning streak in a few years?

A: Weíll take it. Weíll take it as it comes. Weíre continuing to rally these victories and continuing to build on them. With every victory, with every week, weíre getting stronger as a team. Thatís what you want to see. Thatís how you want to continue to progress as the meat of the season comes. As it starts to get cold, thatís when the real football starts to kick in.

Q: You seem to always make a big play in the second half that moves momentum. Is there something to that?

A: I think it just seems to be happening. I think just being in a timely place at a timely manner for Eli to get me the ball. Whether itís a scramble or a straight downfield play, I think Iíve just been able to find the ball and open space for Eli to be able to connect with me.

Q: Is that the rule on the scramble drill? He takes off to you and you take off down the field?

A: Thatís typically the rule on the scramble drill. When he comes to your side if youíre short, you go long and if youíre long, you go short. I was kind of intermediate short and decided to go long. He hit me.

Q: Whatís the key to this team being able to close out games this year?

A: I think itís consistency. Understanding that in order for us to close out these games and these victories, we have to be consistent with what we do in the first quarter and continue doing it in the fourth quarter. Continue to have that same drive and get those first downs. Move the ball and take time off the clock when we need to. I think thatís going to be the key to continue to get us over those humps.

Q: What do you see in this team in terms of vibe? Do you see some championship vibes?

A: Obviously, I do believe that we have a championship-type atmosphere in this locker room. Defensively, you can see it. Those guys are playing lights out. Offensively, we just want to continue to do what weíre doing. I think we have the tools to get to that game. We just have to take it one game at a time and continue to stack these Wís.
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