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Post-Game Transcript: DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/20/2016 5:39 pm
DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Postgame vs. Chicago, November 20, 2016

Q: Can you take us through the strip sack?

A: Just making a play. It wasnít anything special. I just beat him. I rushed the edge and that was basically it. It wasnít anything special.

Q: As a pass rusher, what is it like having Olivier Verson on the other side?

A: It is great. Anytime you can have an end that you know is going to contribute and you donít have to worry about him not setting the edge or giving up his gap, not playing the run, it is great. He is a good teammate, a good player, a humble guy; he doesnít do a ton of talking. Me and him together is a dominating duo.

Q: This is the second straight fourth quarter where you guys have been all over the field.

A: Yeah. The offense keeps us in there. They score points and we want to make sure that we hold it down and that is what we did. We never panicked at all. We knew what we had to get done and all week, Coach Spags preached it, Coach McAdoo preached it, all the coaches really preached it. As a unit, we have a couple things to clean up and we are going to take care of those things.

Q: Do you like being on the field with the game on the line?

A: It doesnít matter. Offense or defense, we have faith in both, even special teams.

Q: What was the mindset when they got down there at the end?

A: They canít score. Buckle down. I even told some guys that it is time to blow up, it is on us and guys responded. I responded myself. I canít just do the talking, I have to show up and we came out with a win, guys.

Q: What does it say about your pass rush that you are able to come through late when the other team is trying to throw the ball and take the lead?

A: It just says that we can get the job done. That is what we did. As a unit, no matter who is in there, the big guys or the four D-ends, we are going to get the job done. We just have to find a way to get the job done, play the run better and that is basically it.

He's become a leader  
chris r : 11/20/2016 6:16 pm : link
Strahan to Tuck to JPP
I hope we find  
giantgiantfan : 11/20/2016 7:16 pm : link
a way to keep him. OV and JPP are starting to pick up the pressure and sacks. If they keep progressing we would be headed into the playoffs with a top 5 defense with all the other pieces at corner and safety.
They looked like shit in the first half  
robbieballs2003 : 11/20/2016 9:33 pm : link
because we couldn't stop the run and that led to Miller killing us. They made the necessary adjustments in the second half amd shut out Chicago. That is a sign of a great defense. It is easy to get down, point fingers, not trust the scheme, etc. when things are working out but they buckled down and kept on battling.
My opinion of him has done a 180  
Milton : 11/20/2016 10:30 pm : link
Maybe I was wrong at first or maybe he had an epiphany after the July 4th incident, but he has gone from a guy I considered a selfish player to a team-first guy (and from a guy who would go to whatever team offered him an extra ten cents to a guy who will give the Giants a hometown discount).

I used to tolerate him, now I love him. And I think he will continue to get better. His adjustment to the loss of fingers isn't yet complete.
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