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Wednesday Media Transcript: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/23/2016 4:32 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr.

November 23, 2016

Q: Itís been two years since the catch that put you on the NFL map. Do you still think about it? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

A: I really just think about how it changed my life forever. In a sense, it kind of put a shadow over everything else. It is a moment that happened and it was a good moment for me. I think about it in retrospect but not really on a daily basis.

Q: Did you know that today was the anniversary?

A: Not until you just said that. I do now.

Q: What are your thoughts going against Joe Haden and the Browns this week?

A: Heís a great corner, someone who Iíve watched for a long time even when he was at Florida. Weíre friends in a sense. Iím sure when we get out there itís going to be all competition but at the end, itís all love. Iím excited about the opportunity to go against one of the premier corners in this league.

Q: What skills does he bring?

A: Heís got it all. Heís been in this league for seven or eight years. I think heís been playing ever since he stepped on the field. Heís been playing at a high level. Heís pretty much got all the tools that he needs.

Q: How important is it for you as an offense to really put a game away?

A: I would love nothing more than that. Itís unfortunate to be on the offense and have that feeling that the defense is saving us every game, which they are. Theyíre playing at a high level. Itís about time for us to just put one away. Let them sit on the bench with the warmers and their jackets. Not even let them worry about coming back on the field.

Q: Is the fact that theyíre playing so lights out motivating you to get to that level?

A: Absolutely. I think itís the difference between this year and last year. Last year, we just didnít have that same defense thatís coming up with three or four stops in a row when we needed to. It was 22-16. We stopped them three or four times in a row. Last year, they may have scored once and it wouldíve been 23-22 and we didnít score on offense. Theyíre doing a tremendous job of closing out games. Itís time for the offense to take steps and close a game out for them.

Q: As you ride out this five-game winning streak knowing that the offense hasnít played their best ball yet, does it give you more confidence?

A: In a sense. We know that we havenít played to our full potential. Weíre still coming away with wins. We just need to step it up in each and every way. Put games away when they need to be put away.

Q: Is that where your frustration was coming from in the second half?

A: I donít know what youíre talking about.

Q: Is there any focus on not being the first team to give Cleveland a win?

A: I think our focus is on winning. Not really not giving a team a win. I think our goal and focus is solely on the New York Giants and what we have to do.

Q: How good does it feel to be riding this streak right now?

A: It feels good to have a chance to make the playoffs. Do exactly what we need to do. Weíre in great position, we just canít give it away.

Q: How does Joe Haden stack up against some of the best guys youíve played? Who are some of those guys?

A: I couldnít even tell you right now. Iíd have to sit down and go back to watch film. Joe is a phenomenal corner. Heís been doing this for a long time. Iíve seen him since heís been at Florida. You know what to expect. Youíre going against a premier guy.

Q: What are your Thanksgiving plans?

A: I have family coming to town. Get to see my little sister, stepdad, mom. Just enjoy the day.

Q: You cooking?

A: Iím not cooking, Iím eating.

Q: How much do you watch the games?

A: I donít really watch it as much. Iíll catch a game if it just so happens to be on. Not really turn it on. Iím sure Iíll watch this one on Thursday. Itís Thanksgiving and the family will be right there. Itíll be something Iíll tune into. Other than that, I donít watch too many games.

Q: Cowboys and Redskins, does it matter the result to you guys?

A: Either way it goes, you need one of them to lose, or tie. Whatever it is, Iíll be watching that game. Itís two very relevant teams. In terms of our run to the playoffs, we need to beat both of those teams. Just scouting and seeing exactly what theyíre doing.

Q: Can you root for anyone?

A: Iím not rooting for anyone except the Giants and Jarvis Landry.

Q: Whoís cooking for you?

A: My mom. My stepdad, too. Heíll probably do all the food. My uncle, I have some people coming to town. Itíll be cool.

Q: Have you talked to Lebron at all about coming to his city?

A: I havenít talked to him. Itís a quick trip, in and out. 1 oíclock game so we can get out of Cleveland early. We wonít be down there too long, I donít think. I donít live down there. Iím sure they enjoy it, but letís get in, do what we need to do and handle our business.
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