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Thursday Media Transcript: DE Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/1/2016 4:57 pm
DE Olivier Vernon

December 1, 2016

Q: Does it still start with stopping the run?

A: Most definitely. You have to stop the run in order to see the pass. We just have to play Giants football.

Q: Can you see this being a high scoring affair?

A: I donít know. I canít see the future. All I know is that itís going to be a good game. Weíre going into a hostile environment playing in Pittsburgh. Theyíre going to bring it to us. We have to bring it to them.

Q: Is this the toughest game youíve played in a couple of weeks with this particular team?

A: All of our games are tough. Iím not going to knock any of the wins that weíve accumulated over this time. I just know going on the road again, itís not going to be an easy one.

Q: Youíre one of the few, if not maybe the only Giants player that has sacked Roethlisberger. What is it like to bring this big, tall, skyscraper down to the ground?

A: That time, there was a lot more snow on the ground. I think the snow probably helped me. Heís a big guy. Heís a big guy and you really have to tackle him. You really have to grab ahold of him and donít let go. What helps with that is when you have the rest of your teammates coming in and running to the ball. If I donít make a play, or someone else doesnít make a play, everyone else will clean them up.

Q: A lot of the defensive lineman are saying that you are used to playing with each other a little bit more now. What goes into that? What are you more accustomed to now that you werenít at the beginning of the season?

A: Just repetition. Repetition, you get to learn with your teammates when you get out there. Thatís when it really counts. When youíre out there on the field and itís loud, you get a feel for everything.

Q: What does a guy like Snacks [Damon Harrison] bring to this defense?

A: He brings a whole lot. Heís a big guy that can do a lot of things. If itís stopping the run, or dropping back into coverage, or rushing the passer, you know heís going to do a good job of executing those things. Iím glad to have him as one of my teammates. It helps a lot when you have a guy of his caliber. Heís a very seasoned vet that knows whatís going on. Heís able to coach up the younger guys, especially at that position. It helps out a great deal. Itís like a chain reaction. Everyone follows what he does and it helps the linebackers and so on and so forth.

Q: Seeing you line up a few times over the tackles, guards and centers, is that something that youíre used too?

A: Yes. I try not to get used to it too much. But thatís something that Iíve done before when I was in Miami. Iím comfortable in doing it. Whatever could help.

Q: Whatís the rationale; just getting your speed inside?

A: I canít give you that information. Just being able to switch things up, as far as player personnel. Just giving different looks. Whatever can help.

Q: OV, how would you describe this football game, if you had to put a caption on it?

A: Itís going to be a grind. Itís going to be that type of game, honestly. Theyíre going to want to win just as much as us. Going into their house, itís going to be a hostile environment. Theyíre a playoff team as well. This whole month of December is going to be really big for both of us down the stretch. We are going to see who wants it more.

Q: Do you think youíre going to find out a lot about your football team?

A: As the weeks go, we try and get better every minute. We get tested in certain situations. Sometimes weíre resilient and sometimes we give up some plays. The main thing is that we would like to bend but not break. Coming into this game, itís going to be one of those games that tests us as a defense and a team overall to see what weíre about.

Q: You guys have been dominant in the fourth quarter picking up guys. Are you outlasting guys physically? Whatís been the key to that?

A: Just sticking to the format. Not deviating away from what we have planned going into the game. Just trusting the game plan and everyone else around us. Playing ball.
Not one question  
armstead98 : 12/1/2016 5:12 pm : link
About his hand?
OV is a good soldier ...  
Bluesbreaker : 12/1/2016 5:43 pm : link
I think the hand has healed to a point that its not a big
deal although he is the kind of player thats gonna complain .
Snacks has been everything and more so just a friggen Beast .
Keep that front four healthy and we will be in every game .
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