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Tuesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/6/2016 5:25 pm
QB Eli Manning

December 6, 2016

Q: Excited about this week? Cowboys week, must we say more?

A: Yes, exactly. Itís Dallas week. A big game for us. Theyíre obviously playing great football. They havenít lost since the first game. I think I remember who beat them that game. Itís a big week. We have to have great preparation. Itís going to be a great environment on Sunday night.

Q: From what youíve seen, whatís the biggest change in the Cowboys from Week 1 until today?

A: I canít talk about their offense; I havenít seen them. Defensively, theyíve gotten a few guys back. Theyíre getting a good rush on the quarterback. Theyíre doing a lot of their same scheme. Theyíre doing a good job keeping guys out of the end zone. Their offense does a good job holding the ball. Their defense has kept them tight in games. Not a whole lot of teams are scoring a lot of points.

Q: Itís always intense to face the Cowboys but given the playoff circumstances for both teams, does it make it that much more intense?

A: Yes, definitely. I think when you get into December and the other teams are fighting for playoff spots, teams are trying to win the division and give yourself a chance. Itís a big game. Itís excitement. These are games you look forward to. Itís fun playing meaningful games in December.

Q: Whatís been the biggest thing thatís contributed to Dak Prescottís success this season?

A: Heís done a fabulous job. Just learning the offense, protecting the football. It doesnít seem too fast for him. He does a good job finding completions, running around making plays, extending plays and playing smart football. You have to give credit to him and the coaches for preparing him. Heís gone out there and done a great job making plays.

Q: Starting as a rookie, you know how hard it is?

A: Theyíve done a great job. I really canít say anything else besides the fact that heís played extremely well and at a high level. For such a young quarterback coming in right off the get-go, itís been impressive.

Q: After the game in Pittsburgh, what is the attitude in being the bounce-back team that you need to be?

A: I think the attitude is good. Guys know that we didnít play our best. We left some plays out there. Pittsburgh did a good job. You have to understand that thatís football. Youíre going to have days where youíre not at your best and youíre going to lose some. Youíre going to get humbled. Itís just about coming back to work, having a great attitude and having our mindset on what we have to do this week to beat Dallas.

Q: Victor Cruz was frustrated with his lack of action on Sunday. Have you talked to him this week? Is that something that you need to do?

A: Yes. Always have a talk with Victor. Heís one of the receivers and weíre good buddies. Weíll be fine. We have to get him the ball. Heís a playmaker for us. Unfortunately, Shep didnít get a target last week and Victor didnít get one this week. We just have to get everyone involved, get them catches and get them going.

Q: Did you apologize the way you did with Sterling Shepard the week before or was it different?

A: I just havenít seen him. Iím going to talk to him. I havenít had a chance to get with him yet but yes, Iíll talk to Victor.

Q: When you watched the film, was he open? Did you miss him?

A: Thereís opportunities to get him the ball. Itís just all dependent on reads and coverage.

Q: How hard is that for you to kind of keep everyone happy?

A: Thatís always the case. When you have good receivers and a lot of playmakers, some weeks youíre going to get targeted more than others. Itís not necessarily because of the game plan. Itís just what other teams are doing, what theyíre playing and how the game unfolds. Again, Victor has made big plays for us this year. We have to make sure he continues to do that. Heís expecting the ball and we have to get the ball in his hands some.

Q: You used the word ďhumbledĒ before. Does that still happen to you as well? Your history is that when you have a bad game, you come back pretty strong. Does that reinforce things for you?

A: I think I try and deal with wins and losses the same way. Just try and come back the next week, no matter what. Have a great week of preparation and go in there expecting to play my best game. Sometimes the circumstances donít always work exactly how you want them. Still the mindset has to be the same.

Q: Some of the media made a big deal about Odell smiling after the touchdown by Brown. Is that something that is a big deal? Something you had to talk about?

A: No, we donít talk about that. I think itís just people looking for something. I wouldnít worry about that at all.

Q: What did you see of your individual game and what can you build on from Sunday?

A: Just making good decisions. Get back to having good fundamentals. Look at throws and accuracy. Going through my reads and hanging in there. I did some good things. Obviously some things I can improve on also.

Q: Is there one particular pass that you saw that really bothered you?

A: Well, I missed Tye wide open on a third down. Kind of reset. Didnít get set and threw a bad ball. Really unfortunate.

Q: Do you ever look at whatís on McAdooís play sheet?

A: Yes. I have the same one. I have the play sheet.

Q: It seems like there is an incredible amount of information on there?

A: Itís just the way itís split up. Some of it is repeated so that you donít have to keep flipping cards to get to your plays. It might be third down plays that are on different sides and different pages so you can get to it all. Itís just more systematic. Not every play on there is a brand new play.

Q: Does it look like a diner menu to you?

A: Yes. There is a lot on there. We have a lot of plays. I guess the one that I have is more. His is cut down on what has been eliminated. The one that I get is more. I have to eliminate it by myself some.

Q: What do you mean by ďhumbledĒ, as you said before?

A: I think football is a humbling game. Youíre riding a six-game winning streak and youíre feeling good. Obviously, you get beat and you get brought back down. You get that sick feeling that comes with losses. It canít get you down and you canít start moping around. You still have to have a great attitude and get ready for this next week. Understand that we canít let one tough game lead to another. We have to bounce back quickly and understand the importance of this next game.
I swear, I wonder what you need to accomplish to get media  
BLUATHRT : 12/6/2016 5:31 pm : link
credentials? "Does the play sheet look like a dinner menu to you"? Really? Unreal!
For Gods sake Eli whatever is hurting you  
shelovesnycsports : 12/6/2016 5:33 pm : link
Take the needle before the game we need you to rise up this week.
Q: Does it look like a diner menu to you?  
shelovesnycsports : 12/6/2016 5:34 pm : link
Read BBI Much!!
He has to cut it down himself?  
armstead98 : 12/6/2016 5:40 pm : link
Don't they have interns over there?
eli seen here 'going over the playbook'  
mattlawson : 12/6/2016 9:39 pm : link
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