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Wednesday Media Transcript: S Landon Collins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/7/2016 5:03 pm
S Landon Collins

December 7, 2016

Q: Do you have guys here that can make up for the loss of JPP?

A: Yes. We have Kerry Wynn, Owa and Romeo and a couple of other guys that can do that.

Q: He didnít always have the sack numbers but does his impact go beyond that?

A: Yes of course. You know heís going to do his job. Heís accountable. We looked up to him as a leader. Heís a brother of ours.

Q: Do you and the other guys have to lift everyone up?

A: Definitely. Itís something that as a team it sets us back but we look at it as an opportunity for other guys to get their names out.

Q: Are you in a better position this year to make up for his loss?

A: Yes, we are in a better position than last year. We have guys that have the opportunity. Now, they just have to go for it. Itís a blessing for them.

Q: Just from a leadership standpoint how tough of a loss is this?

A: Just knowing what heís capable of. Heís going to get the quarterback off his spot and get the movement. Heís not going to miss a tackle and heís going to get a tackle for a loss. Heís professional and what he does is awesome.

Q: What do you take from that Dallas game in Week 1?

A: We just have to come out fast and play hard. We have to continue to do it and feed off each other and keep playing ball.

Q: What can you do as a secondary to disrupt the chemistry between Dak and Cole Beasley?

A: It starts with our d-line. They can get them off the spot like they did the first game. Not have them looking down field trying to find those guys. Just force them into bad plays and bad passes. If we get an opportunity to make game changing plays, get off the field and get our offense back the ball.

Q: How do you attack that Dak-Zeke attack?

A: Itís the front two with Hankins and Snacks. They shut the run down in the middle, we stop the run first and make them one-dimensional. You have two edge guys cut off the edge. Make them move off the spot.

Q: How important is maintaining the gap integrity in this game? Zeke seems patient and is finding holes.

A: You just have to be patient. We just played a patient back in LeíVeon (Bell) who is awesome. I donít think thereís a back thatís more patient than he was. I think with Ezekiel if he seeís a hole, heís going to hit it hard. We just try and hit our hole and stay square. Make sure there is no big holes for him to hit. Just collapse it on him quick.
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