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Friday Media Transcript: Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/9/2016 4:24 pm
Head Coach Ben McAdoo

December 9, 2016

Q: How is Justin Pugh doing at this point?

A: We will see more on Justin tomorrow.

Q: Has he shown you anything this week?

A: He has been limited all week. He will get some more work tomorrow and we will take a look at him.

Q: How big of a boost would that be if he is able to play on Sunday?

A: Justin is a good player. We have confidence in all of those guys over there at the left guard position, but he has played a lot of football for us.

Q: What about Shane Vereen?

A: Again, we will take another look at Shane tomorrow and see how he is doing. He has had a good, productive week so far, we just have to see if he is ready.

Q: How did he seem to respond to the contact yesterday?

A: He seemed to respond okay.

Q: Did you get what you wanted out of that padded practice yesterday.

A: Yes. It was a good practice. We started the first half of practice, probably about 60 percent of practice, we had pads on and then we took them off, we went to shells. But we had some good contact. It was a good, physical practice, competitive. A lot of guys jockeying for spots and that is always healthy this time of year.

Q: Has Shane been a full participant?

A: I would say he is limited.

Q: How is the running back rotation going to change with Vereen coming back?

A: We will take a look at that. That is a hypothetical right now. We will take a look at that when we come to it.

Q: How would rain, sleet or snow affect you guys?

A: Great. We are a cold weather team; we welcome the weather conditions. I think it would be great for our team and great for the game. I think it would create a great atmosphere.

Q: So you like it to snow?

A: Oh, yeah. Donít you? I think that playing in the elements is always fun for the players and coaches and we practice in it, we see it every day, so it would be great for us.

Q: Do you approach it differently?

A: You take everything into consideration.

Q: What makes a team a cold weather team?

A: Living in it is a good place to start. Practicing in it helps. Being able to play physically behind your pads helps, being able to keep your feet on the ground helps, playing on turf usually levels it out a little bit, but it is good playing in it and living in it.

Q: When a team that plays most of its games indoors comes up into your elements, do you think that is an advantage for you?

A: It can be an advantage. You still have to execute; it still comes down to execution. You have to be able to execute your plan.

Q: You mentioned that you saw Odell smile on the TV copy of last weekís game. Do you watch the TV copy and what do you get out of that?

A: Of all the games? Yes. You try to see as much as you can see.

Q: Does it give any different perspective?

A: You can hear and see things that you normally wouldnít be able to, yes.

Q: What do you consider being at stake on Sunday night?

A: We have a big game, a big opportunity for us in the division. It will be a highly competitive football game and an opportunity for us to get a win.

Q: On the TV copy, have you heard the announcers make comments on the size of your play sheet?

A: Have I heard that? There are certain things that I listen to and certain things that I donít.

Q: It has kind of become a thing where every game people mention it. Why is it so big?

A: It is a map of the field. It is more of a thought process than it is a play sheet.

Q: Has it always been that size or has it sort of evolved over the years?

A: It has evolved as situational football has evolved.

Q: So where they are on the field is where you look on the sheet?

A: Possibly.

Q: When you say cold weather football team, some people may perceive that the lack of the run game and the three wide alignment isnít really built to win in December. Iím guessing that you disagree with that?

A: Yeah, I disagree with it. I have been a part of some three wide receiver teams in the past who played a lot of three wides in the past who have won Super Bowls in bad weather conditions and elements.
Slapped the Reporter on that  
shelovesnycsports : 12/9/2016 4:46 pm : link
last answer. LOL
That GREAT running game  
Carson53 : 12/10/2016 7:51 am : link
makes them the optimal cold weather team, geez.
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