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Friday Media Transcript: Cornerbacks Tim Walton

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/9/2016 4:26 pm
Secondary/Cornerbacks Tim Walton

December 9, 2016

Q: What do you think was the key to the success that you guys had against Dez Bryant in Week 1?

A: It was a combination of the pass rush, the guys up front doing well, putting pressure on the quarterback and guys being disciplined on the back end. Janoris did a good job of playing him and matching up. Guys over the top. It was a combination of things.

Q: How does your guysí job change now that JPP is not there?

A: It stays the same. Itís the next man up. The upfront guys are trying to handle getting pressure on the quarterback and stuff like that. Itís our job to try and be disciplined on the back end. Basically everything will stay the same for us.

Q: What have you been able to do to limit some of the top receivers you have played this year?

A: Team defense. When the guys get pressure up front, it forces the ball to come out faster. Our guys compete. Janoris has been matching up a lot of times against those guys when itís on the outside. He does a good job of competing. DRC, we have him inside. They move those guys around. DRC faced A.J. (Green) a few times in the slot. Itís the same thing with Dez in the first game. He knocked down a pass in the end zone in the slot. When they move those guys around, both guys get a chance to play against top guys. With that, along with the pass rush, team defense, it works out good for us.

Q: Is that sort of where DRC is the advantage in the slot when they move big guys like that?

A: Yes. A lot of teams, thatís what they do. They move the best players around. If you watch Dez, he lines up in all three receiver spots. Watch him play. A.J., he lines up in all three receiver spots. Those are two examples of tall, big guys that can run. Their inside skills cause for good matchups.

Q: Do you guys decide before a game if Janoris is going to follow a guy or is the decision made on the fly?

A: We usually decide before games on some things. Usually, you have mid-stream adjustments during the game. What happens is on offense, they change the stuff that they do and what they put on film, too. It changes as we go. Sometimes we have a pre-plan with some stuff that we might want to do.

Q: How has Eli Apple responded since he sat out that half?

A: Heís responded well. He came back and in the Cleveland game almost got a pick. Then he came back in the Steelers game and had a tackle for a loss, recovered a fumble and had an interception. Heís starting to respond and play well for us. Itís good to see him.

Q: Sometimes you have rookies that have ups and downs. Do you feel that he is past that now?

A: Yes. Hopefully he is ready to take off and continue to grow. Thatís the thing. They play elite receivers in the league. Sometimes as a rookie, you make rookie mistakes. Heís grown and matured with it. Heís getting better each week.

Q: Where has he improved the most this season?

A: Just his discipline. Heís a competitor and a big, physical guy. Heíll tackle. Itís his discipline where he has grown. Heís becoming more consistent. You get that by reps. The more reps you get, you actually get to see things that you have on tape instead of for the first time.

Q: How did Leon Hall handle that stretch where he was a healthy scratch?

A: Heís a pro. Heís a great teammate and a great guy to coach. Heís the ultimate professional and is back in the mix now, moving around a little bit. Itís good. He handled it great.

Q: Is that a tough conversation to have?

A: Yes. Obviously they all want to play. Like you said, he understands how things go sometimes. Hats off on how he handled his stuff. Itís a long football season. Heís back in it. There is a lot of football left to be played. They all know that hopefully we can be playing a lot more games. This way, everyone gets a chance to get a lot of reps.

Q: Coty Sensabaugh, you guys seem to be using him in a lot of packages and sets. What does he bring and when do you decide when and where youíre going to use him?

A: Smart guy. Instinctive. He understands route combinations. He sees formations and tendencies very well. He has a good football IQ. We just take time and try and use him. Try and let everyone have a role. Heís a guy that can definitely help and contribute to this team a lot. We have to make sure we utilize him.
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